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The moment we found out that Frank Castle/the Punisher was getting his own series I said it was probably going to be my favourite, and now that I’ve seen it I can pretty much say that that’s true. When it comes to the other shows Daredevil is my favourite and I would honestly put the Punisher just above it or on par with it.

I will say this make sure you watch Daredevil (especially season 2) before this. By watching it you will have a bit more insight into some of the characters and what led up to the events of the Punisher.

There are elements of the Punisher that confirms it’s part of the Marvel Netflix series and helps to blend it with the other shows. However, there are also elements that are purely the Punisher and sets it apart from the others which makes sense because Frank Castle isn’t a hero in the same way that Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, or Danny Rand (Iron Fist) are. He may be a vigilante, he may be going after bad guys, but his methods are generally more extreme.

This season didn’t have very much colour, but it wasn’t necessarily bleak, it was clean and crisp. The most dominant colour was red thanks to all the blood, but this all worked for the type of character that Frank Castle is. Each character who has their own series has a particular colour so it works that Frank is almost void of colour most of the time. There was definitely a constant aesthetic running through the series and visually, it was a pleasure to watch this show.

Season 1 of the Punisher is consistent and builds well. There was never a point where I wanted to turn it off or skip forward. It progressed really well and never felt like the show was going off track or losing its way. Throughout, there are a decent amount of flashbacks that are used to show us, the audience, some vital information rather than just hearing a character talk about. They’re also used as transitions which really helps to move each episode along.

Like I said before, it’s best to watch Daredevil (specifically season 2) but they’ve done a fantastic job of going over the information we got from Daredevil without it seeming too repetitive. They also only go over certain details that are important to the current storyline so it’s still definitely good to watch Daredevil. For the most part, the Punisher simply adds to that and gives us even more information.

This season introduced a lot of new characters and we get to know each and every one of them. Every single character either gets their own storyline, gets a backstory, or both. This means that we find out a lot of information about them and although they’re brand new to us, by the end of the season we feel like we know them. It was also nice to see some familiar faces, every time someone came up that I knew it made me really happy. Regardless of whether we get another season or not, I hope we see all of these new characters again.

Generally speaking, the Punisher met my expectations. It really works for people who like the other shows (especially Daredevil season 2) but also those people who maybe want something a little different. Where it differs is refreshing and really gives it its own leaf of life.

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