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This episode was split up and focused on different characters so we’re going to talk about them in the order they were featured.

Firstly, we see Jughead and Archie being pulled in by Penny Peabody as she finally calls in her favour. Naturally, as FP feared, it’s not that simple and she refuses to let Jughead go. Instead, she reveals she has footage of him committing a crime and essentially blackmails him into working for her. Even without FP’s fear-filled phone call, we all knew that Jughead’s dealings with Peabody were never going to end well.

It was nice, however, to see Archie and Jughead working together. I love their friendship. One thing Riverdale does well is putting two people together and making you care about what happens, or at the very least you find yourself feeling entertained by their interactions, even if they’ve never interacted before. In this case, they have, Archie and Jughead make one of the best relationships on the show and we’re definitely going to need to see more of them this season (and in future ones).

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Next, we see Josie, which I really wasn’t expecting! It was nice to see more of her and even though it was only a portion of one episode, it was great to see her have some sort of storyline that primarily focused on her.

Her scenes with Cheryl is another example of Riverdale making pairings that work so well. The two of them are interesting characters in their own right so to see them team up to make for a very entertaining pair. Even so, Cheryl never overshadowed Josie during this segment which is fantastic considering it was supposed to be about the latter anyway. Instead, we got to go a little more in-depth with Josie.

The only concern I have is the fact that certain things (e.g. the way she ends things with Valerie and Melody) might be brushed aside and not really spoken about again. A lot of things, like that moment mentioned, were quite quick but you can forgive it because of the split sections (/time restraints), however, it’s only going to work if they come back to certain things later.

Either way, it was nice to see Josie a bit more!

[The CW]

In the last portion, we see Veronica and Betty. Once again, a fantastic display of great pairings in this show. It was really fun to see them go all detective again. You can see how it’s all getting to Betty from the way she keeps snapping and was so quick to believe that Sherrif Keller was the Black Hood. It did borderline on being annoying though and it was only saved by the fact that it seems to be a one episode thing.

Regardless, it was nice to see the two of them team up and trying to solve who the Black Hood may be. I liked the idea of Sherrif Keller being a suspect, and I certainly was not expecting the reveal to be that he and Mayor McCoy are having an affair. When you think about it, it’s not that surprising, but in the moment it’s the last thing you expect.

[The CW]

Each section was really great. It did make this episode feel like a bit of a filler but it also gave us some key information and did help to move the plot forward, therefore, making it quite an enjoyable episode. The opening was a little odd with the scrolling text and altered voice, but other than that, it was a pretty good episode!

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