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It’s safe to say that there were two big things to happen this episode. The first revolved around Archie and Veronica’s relationship, as well as them playing detective, and the other revolved around F.P. being released from prison.

The former are shown to be very physical in their relationship and also appear to be very loved up, however, when Archie actually says “I love you”, Veronica doesn’t respond. In fact, they spend the entire episode slowly drifting apart until eventually, they do part at the end.

Regardless, it was fun to see them work together to find out who the Black Hood killer is and it didn’t really feel like their relationship got in the way of that too much. One of the best things they have done with this investigation is change up who is actually working on it in each episode. Seeing these two taking the lead was slightly different and it was fun to see the things they discovered appear as flashbacks.

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Elsewhere, F.P. is released from prison and is actually picked up by Jughead, Betty, and Alice. As a long time fan of F.P. and Alice interactions the little one they had outside the prison was hilarious and such a pleasure to watch. As was the continued interaction immediately after at the Pop’s. They play off each other so well and in an interview with Skeet Ulrich, he said that F.P. is the one person that isn’t scared of Alice and that’s so true. You can really see it in these interactions.

There’s definitely a lot of shared history between the two beyond the fact that Alice was a serpent once. Their best interaction was when Alice storms into Pop’s to confront F.P. about Betty, threatening him if she ever so much as considers putting on a Serpent jacket. The way he tells her “leave him” when talking about Hal not wanting to come to his party at the Whyte Wyrm, only to follow it up (after a long pause) with “at home”, really tells us that there was definitely something going on with them. Hopefully, we’ll find out just how deep that history runs.

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Mixed in with all of this we see Betty perform a dance to show her support for/alliance with the Serpents. Unfortunately, it ends up leading to her and Jughead breaking up. There’s also clear disappointment from Alice from surprisingly enough she leaves during F.P’s speech without Betty, adding to this idea that there was definitely something in their shared past that we don’t know about, but hopefully will at some point.

Also, can we please appreciate Alice killing it once again in the wardrobe department.

Note: This review was a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

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