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The showdown against the Black Hood killer was definitely the highlight of the episode. I’m actually pretty glad it was Archie and Betty to face off against him, mostly because the two of them were more personally involved than anyone else investigating. It was actually a lot more dramatic than I was expecting. I loved how they kept it like a mystery and had Archie and Betty follow clues to figure it out.

I couldn’t look away as Archie was forced into the coffin and Betty had to close it. The chase scene that followed was slightly hilarious due to Archie running right past Betty with seemingly no effort, but then when he’s holding the gun up things became tense very quickly. Even I was a little stunned when the gunshot went off.

The slow reveal leading up to that was really good. Finding out about the town secret, finding out that people like Nana Rose were involved in some way, shape, or form. As we can all assume (and as I know considering this review is going up slightly late), this is most likely not the end of the Black Hood killer or his story, however, the history we got in this episode was interesting.

Side note, the present Archie got Betty was also really cute! I like these little reminders that they’re actually best friends and have known each other their entire lives.

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Jughead and F.P. being at odds is never nice but is still great to see them together. Although, it was a genuine pleasure to watch Jughead go after Peabody like that. You can really see the younger generation of Serpents stepping up to plate and sometimes it is hard to remember that they’re all teenagers.

It was cute to find out that the Serpents were giving to charity and that it was a tradition. It really shows that they are just people who most likely got dealt a bad hand and now they’ve made their own family. It would be really interesting to find out more about why each member joined, especially when it comes to the younger ones.

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Seeing Cheryl take it into her own hands to get a tree and decorations was really nice to see. She really can be mean sometimes, but she’s also been put through a lot that she doesn’t deserve so it was nice to see her have some fun when she went to pick out a tree. Not so fun when she found her mum sleeping with Santa.

On a side note, I really liked the presents Betty and Jughead got each other. I also loved Alice’s Christmas get up. I really loved how Veronica paid for Fred’s medical bills, that’s clearly going to come back in some way, but right now I like the fact that Fred doesn’t have to worry about it! Also, that super creepy nightmare with the Black Hood dressed as Santa. No thank you.

Note: This review was a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

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