Admittedly, I had never heard of the character Black Lightning before the television series began to dominate my social media timelines. As soon as the first episode came to Netflix UK I knew I had to check it out, and I have to say, it did not disappoint. It was a pretty solid opening to what is a most likely going to be a really great show.

Episode one did a really good job of giving us a backstory while also giving us the starting point for a new one. It’s great to get an insight into Jefferson’s history as Black Lightning and his return, but also to get an introduction to his daughters who will eventually go on to explore their powers. We got to see Anissa experience some super strength, so it’ll be interesting to see how that progresses as the season goes on.

This episode was very slow building, and hopefully, the rest of the season takes a similar stance. Although we got to see some of it, we did miss Black Lightning’s origin story, so it’ll be great if we got to spend as much time as possible seeing his daughters develop their powers and how they handle them. In a way, it works that we already have a somewhat established hero but will still see the birth of a new hero.

Speaking of characters, I’m intrigued by all of them! I’m trying to hold off reading any comics until afterward but I’m certainly hyped to get to them. The only character (so far) that I recognised was Tobias Whale. I was introduced to him briefly in the Gotham Underground comics but even he was a bit of a mystery to me. In a way, it’s great. Going into a new superhero show not really knowing the heroes or the villains makes it enjoyable in a different way because there’s no way to even guess what could be done.

Last but not least, another huge aspect of this episode (and most likely for the entire show) is the commentary it makes. A lot of shows lately have made loud comments about certain topics and Black Lightning is no different. One such example from this episode was when Jefferson is pulled over and asked to step out of his car. The way he is treated is exactly like tons of real-life stories we’ve seen before. From what we’ve been shown so far, it seems like we’re going to get much more of that.

It really looked like Black Lightning is going to be a huge stamp in so many ways and I, for one, am really hyped about it.

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