Dog Food is a 2014 horror short film written and directed by Brian Crano. It follows a man named Declan (Cory Michael Smith) whose dog/best friend Ralphie goes missing. Around about the same time he meets Eva (Amanda Seyfried) and Michael (Daivd Craig).

You can find out more information about the film on the official website, or on IMDb.

I personally came across Dog Food after watching an interview with Cory Michael Smith where he mentioned it and urged people to check it out. As a person who loves short films I was more than willing to do so, and I’m so glad I did.

It was a good way to spend less that twenty minutes of my day, and it sparked that interest in short films again. Now let’s move on to why you should check out this short film with 6 main reasons.


  • It’s good from start finish. It’s intriguing and even intense. I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards and considering how short it is, my friend and I couldn’t stop discussing it.

  • Even if you manage to guess what’s going to happen it won’t feel predictable and it definitely won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

  • No jump scares. It’s not that kind of horror. The horror is more subtle but that doesn’t make it any less, in fact it’s surprisingly strong and might even stick with you for a while.

  • Considering it’s only around 18 minutes long you will find the characters intriguing, and feel like you know them quite well.

  • It’ll leave you wanting more. I know that’s not the best point to make seen as there isn’t more, but it’ll make you wish there was and it’ll have you asking questions.

  • It’s filmed beautifully. The settings, the wardrobe, the cinematography, everything. It’s got that “vibe” that every short film has, but it’s also got it’s own little personality.

You can watch Dog Food here. If you do watch it, or you’ve already seen it, let me know what you think!

Note: this was originally posted over on my profile but considering it’s closing at some point I’m moving a lot of my old article here.

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