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After the previous episode, it was nice to see the gradual progression continue on. We got to see this in two examples. Firstly, we saw Jefferson continue his journey to becoming Black Lightning and secondly, we also got to see Anissa’s slow journey into discovering her powers and figuring out what’s going on.

Throughout the episode, we get to see Jefferson realise that things aren’t better like he thought and that it’s unfair that he could use his powers to save his own kids when other people are still out there hurting. I enjoyed seeing his turmoil over whether or not he should go back to his old life of fighting crime and how it affected Lynn as well.

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It’s interesting how his powers and his life as Black Lightning is seen as an addiction, and I loved how Peter Gambi disputes this, claiming that Jefferson’s addiction was his love for Lynn. Regardless, it brings up this question of how damaging can having superpowers and having that need to use them really be? We’ve seen it break up Jefferson’s relationship so far, and we know it’s slowly affecting Anissa’s life. It’ll be great to see how their two journeys compare and whether or not we get more of that discussion on the dangerous side of having superpowers, in this case, when it becomes a potential addiction.

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Speaking of Anissa, it worked really well that we saw her trying to figure out what is going on and not being quite sure how to process it. The ongoing headaches that were relieved when she used her powers was a nice touch too, especially compared to the pain her father experienced in the bathroom after using his powers after a long absence from them. Again, it talks about the negative side of having superpowers.

Two other things to note… One, I loved when she confronted that robber, two, her girlfriend! I’m pretty sure she ends up with a different girlfriend as the series progresses. Regardless, it was so lovely to see such intimate scenes in which Anissa was being supported and taken care of. It makes me super excited to see more of Anissa’s love life and how that intertwines with her new found abilities as we see them develop.

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Elsewhere, when it comes to Tobias Whale, I don’t know how I feel. He definitely has that presence about him and I buy him as a villain, but I just don’t care. It’s only episode 2 so that’s not a huge concern but when he’s not on screen I don’t miss him and when he’s on screen I’m not fussed at all. I am interested to see where they take him from here and hopefully as it continues on I’ll find myself caring a bit more.

One final thing I really loved was Jennifer dealing with the kidnapping and also her relationship with Khalil. They’re super cute together and it was wonderful to see him support her through her struggle. It’s also refreshing because while her father and sister are dealing with new (and old) abilities, she’s dealing with what happened in a very human way. It allows for Black Lightning to hit recent events (the kidnapping) at multiple angles and will allow them to continue doing so in the future.

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Overall, Black Lightning is still progressing nicely. It’s got this consistent aesthetic and gradual growth when it comes to character and finding out who they are. I’m invested in most things happening and I can’t wait for each new episode that comes along.

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