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Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

This episode there were three main things that stood out for me. The first was Lady Eve. We didn’t see too much of her but like I said in my review of episode 2, I don’t feel any particular way about Tobias but Lady Eve has really taken a hold of me and I’m hyped to see more of her. It feels like there’s a lot of goodness in store and it should be exciting.

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The second thing is Anissa. We got to see more of her using her powers and again, there’s that steady progression towards her becoming a hero just like her father. She definitely gets a thrill from it and I love that the first thought of becoming a proper superhero was thanks to Grace and seeing the comic in her back pocket! That was really great and I think Grace might become a fast favourite for me.

It was also nice to see Anissa spend some time with Grace (if you were unaware, Grace is her girlfriend in the comics), and I appreciated her current girlfriend making an appearance. Clearly, they were distant from each other but it felt much better to know Black Lightning wasn’t just going to skip over it and make you assume they had broken up off-screen.

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The third and final thing was Khalil getting shot and the events leading to it. We can slowly see Tobias losing control and it looks to be the start of a long road. Already he has begun to lash out and clearly, he doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants. I did not expect Khalil to get shot. He’s such a kind and beautiful character. I have a feeling there’s more pain to come when it comes to characters like that, characters who just happen to be in the wrong at the wrong time.

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