[Featured Image: Fox]

Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

Ed and Lee were definitely one of my favourite parts of this episode by far! I love seeing them team up together. Although Lee believes she’s done terrible things, she’s very much a good guy, she’s not a villain. It’s nice to see Ed team up with someone who isn’t. I’ve missed their relationship and it was a lot of fun to see them play off each other this episode.

Speaking of Lee, in this episode alone she was completely badass. She can completely handle herself and I love it. I’m happy that she finally seems to be getting her own storyline and I hope it continues.

The other major thing to happen this episode was Oswald and Martin. We see Oswald face down against Sofia and co. I have to admit, I didn’t fully see the twist coming in which he blows Martin up but then doesn’t actually blow Martin up. The fight between both sides, although short, was very entertaining to watch.

I like seeing the soft side of Oswald, like what we saw between Oswald and Martin, but it can’t last. I’ve heard we see Martin again in a later episode but really it could never be a long-term thing because Oswald, as a character, can be very mean. Having those soft moments are great in small doses but I love it when he’s yelling and hurting people and that short temper of his comes out.

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