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Selina, Tabitha, Barbara, and Sofia entering the Iceberg lounge was a fantastic way to start off the episode. While I do think Sofia isn’t the best character, I do enjoy watching her and, if she stays alive long enough, I feel like she could grow into a better character. As for the other three, I love seeing them work together and it seems like we’re going to get more of it in the future.

Also, I loved the “yay, teamwork!” scene in which Selina and Barbara are directing Tabitha on which way to shoot. More of those, please!

I don’t like the decision of Falcone doubting Sofia and undermining her. If they didn’t want to keep the character around, still kill him off, he was supposed to be sick anyway. But if keeping him around was a possibility, I would have loved to see the two of them team up properly and have Gotham be run by an actual family.

It was pretty cool to see Oswald and Falcone team up though, even if it was very brief. Made me think of season 1 a lot. Also, I find it hilarious how Falcone says “the sun never shines here” not long before he gets shot and dies. I kind of wish those were his actual last words though.

Seeing Zsasz get emotional over Falcone was really interesting! Victor doesn’t seem to care about very much but he was clearly loyal to Falcone and he seemingly worked for him for years so I was happy to see that they played Zsasz’s scenes with emotion rather than him just being cold and shrugging it off.

I also loved that he went back to working for the Falcone’s! I don’t think it’ll last once he finds out the things Sofia has done, but ever since he spoke to her on the train, I’ve been wanting to see Zsasz working with them again. Also, I liked that he turned on Oswald. Don’t get me wrong, I love those two together, they make a great pair, but I want to see Zsasz working with lots of different people and by himself. Season 4 is finally giving him the storylines he deserves and I want them to make the most of it and not just put him with one other character for the entire season.

Were we really surprised when Ed’s hallucination said he loved Lee? No, but do I care? No! Honestly, I’m mostly excited to see the return of the hallucination though. Hopefully, they have some interesting things in store and it’s not just going to be a one-off. In those last few minutes alone he was fantastic, and it made me realise how much I missed hallucination Ed.

From the information being given so far for the rest of season 4, it seems that Ed and Lee continue to team up, at least for a while. It makes me wonder if hallucination Ed is going to be a constant factor or something small. Regardless of the length of time, I hope they do it well. I’d like to see how they blend that part of Ed’s storyline in with his storyline with Lee (and other future interactions with different characters).

Some final things:

  • The reveal about Sofia! I didn’t mind that she was the reason Professor Pyg was in Gotham, but I wish they had done more with him after. I wish they had done some Professor Pyg stuff in which he’s not working for Sofia. Instead, they killed him, and I think that’s a mistake. Other than that I liked the idea she was playing everyone. I liked that she wanted revenge against Jim and wasn’t actually in love with him. Again, I don’t think the character is the best, but hopefully, she’ll have the time to grow into a better one.
  • Oswald going to Arkham I really liked. From the trailer for the next episode, it looks like we’re going to get some fun content. I can’t wait to see him and Jerome interact properly.
  • I’m getting bored of party boy Bruce. It seems like it’ll stop in the second half because him and Selina seem to have scenes together again and Ra’s is coming back. So hopefully we can leave it all behind.
  • Also, I didn’t like that Grundy was starting to remember that he was Butch. I would like the character to be a mix of the two if anything, but as much as I miss Butch, I don’t want him to go back there. We’ve not seen enough of Grundy yet.

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