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Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

The merging of the two schools was probably one of the better things to happen this episode. It was nice to see all the different characters in the same space. It gave us much more interactions and I really enjoyed that.

It was no surprise that the South Side High students weren’t accepted, especially those who are Serpents. I did enjoy seeing all that play out. I was happy to finally see those two worlds come a little closer together, and hopefully, we get some really fun interactions between the two sides.

It was also incredibly sad to find out that due to the poor funding of their school, all the South Side students wanted was a decent education. It really made Jughead refusing to take off his jacket seem even more stupid, but if wearing the jacket is that important it shows how much these Serpents wanted a good an education if they were willing to take theirs off.

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The second biggest thing was meeting Chic Cooper. If he’s not FP’s son I’m going to be a little disappointed. It would make a lot more sense and would fit so much better. Hal seems to really disapprove of the idea of Chic and it would just make so much sense if he wasn’t Hal’s son. Regardless, until shown otherwise, there’s still a possibility that he could be FP’s.

I appreciate that the first meeting didn’t go so well. I don’t really blame Chic for being angry and not accepting Alice and co into his life straight away, but it was still heartbreaking to see Alice crying in her car and the way that Betty held her, especially after what happened with Polly earlier in the episode. From this episode alone I know I’m going to love Chic as a character and I can’t wait to see much more from him.

Also, I’m here for Betty going back to see Chic and protecting him, but I’m not here for him staring at her while she sleeps.

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[The CW]

Some other things:

  • Not here for the FBI agent storyline.
  • I love how Polly randomly shows up, drops the names of her babies (and the fact she had them) and then just leaves.
  • I’m here for FP wanting Jughead to get it together and talk to Betty.
  • Archie going to see Nick St Clair was kind of interesting. Mostly because it gave a chance to see Archie and Cheryl interact again which I’ve missed.

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