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Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

This episode primarily focused on Pickens’ day. We find out, thanks to Toni, that there are some secrets surrounding the history which leads to one of my favourite moments: the Serpents/South Side protest.

There’s always been tension between the two sides, we’ve seen glimpses of it in the past, and we’ve been told about it, but now recently (and seemingly at the season goes on) they’re bringing the two sides into the same physical space. Now we’re being shown the tensions and conflicts between them more than being told.

I also loved how Cheryl decided to side with the Serpents/South Side when she found out the truth. I appreciate that she stood with them during the protest.

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Yeah, I really don’t like the Archie and FBI agent storyline. Admittedly, Archie’s storylines are much more interesting this season than in season one, it’s really only the FBI one that’s lacking. Elsewhere in the episode, we see Archie go head to head with Hiram over Veronica, which in theory is kind of stupid and normally wouldn’t interest me, but it was shockingly entertaining to watch.

Another additional thing in these parts of the episode was Kevin. I loved how he helped Archie out and even those his scenes weren’t long, they once again showed how entertaining Kevin is and how much fun he is to watch.

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[The CW]

Some other things to note:

  • Alice continuing to have no time for Hal. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • The awkward, confrontational breakfast was great too.
  • Betty giving her laptop to Chic to try and make things up to him. I’m really excited to see how their relationship develops but also what else gets revealed about Chic as the season (and show) progresses.

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