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I loved that opening shot of the police preparing themselves. The music that played, the tiny little moments of slow motion, it was just a genuine pleasure to watch. The soundtrack is one of the best things about this entire show and it all just gets better and better with each episode.

I genuinely thought that the police were going to find Jefferson, or that someone was going to, and that he was going to be unmasked. I wonder, if someone on the street found him, would it be like in that scene in Spider-Man 2 where they give Spidey his mask back and pretend like they never saw his face? Hopefully, but I’m glad we didn’t find out just yet and that this episode was saved for Anissa finding out instead.

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Tobias Whale does become more interesting as the show goes on so I’m hoping he’s not a one season villain. If that’s the case then I get the feeling I’ll grow to like him right before he dies or is simply removed from the series as a threat. Season one could be a really good set up for him as a villain to be enjoyed fully much later.

Also, police corruption? There are so many different sides to this show. So many things going on, that yes are somewhat connected, but the fact that they’re not entirely connected allows for the show to be less flat and much more interesting. Which will make the journey more enjoyable until all of these things do come crashing together later on.

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The constant difference in opinion between Jefferson and Lynn is growing more intense with each episode and each new dangerous thing that he gets involved with. I certainly see her point of view but it would be nice to see more of it. We normally get glimpses, like in the scene where she stitches him up and gives him a brain scan this episode, but they’re small. We mostly see Jefferson’s side of the world, which makes sense, but it would be much more informative to see what Lynne truly goes through, which is why I appreciated this episode.

Although we didn’t get much more, we do see Lynne in her own space (work in this case) and be brought in more slowly to everything that’s going on. It would be a lot better to have Lynne be more involved instead of being on the sidelines and there every once in a while. It would also be interesting to have her more involved while still dealing with her feelings over Jefferson being Black Lightning. Especially now that they know Anissa has powers.

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[The CW]

That protest with Anissa though. Such a good, solid moment. That talk Jefferson has with her at the police station about how some people will see the gun, fake or not, and the colour of skin and just use it as an excuse to really hurt her was so on point. More and more shows are talking more about this and to have a literal superhero who can defend himself no problem, show caution when it comes to police, really does highlight what a serious issue it all is.

Annissa showing up later in her costume and shattering the statue was a great little moment. It managed to show how she wanted to make a difference but it’s not always that easy. So far her journey has shown slight confusion, some complications, and much enjoyment, and now we finally see Anissa truly experiencing the downfalls. We can see that when she goes to her Lynn’s work with the intention of telling her everything.

That face-off between Anissa and Jefferson was great little touch. Not only did it add more to the whole thing, but it helped to highlight her actual abilities. We got to see her fully express what she was capable of and it allowed for us to know more about her powers. It also showed us that she’s a pretty good match against Black Lightning, so imagine seeing them work together.

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[The CW]

Some other things:

  • I appreciate Anissa trying to research whether or not people are capable of gaining superpowers and how that works.
  • That heart to heart between Jennifer and Anissa in the latter’s bedroom.
  • Jefferson talking to Jennifer about the bullying was a really lovely scene.
  • That little flashback of Jefferson watching his father being killed and adding more explanation and backing as to why he hates Tobias so much.
  • Gambi and Lady Eve’s interaction was so good and a little unexpected if I’m being honest. Perhaps we’ll get more of that.

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