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Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

Archie continues to work for Hiram Lodge and we see him attend a poker game that ultimately doesn’t go well and ends with Archie getting deeper into Hiram’s world. This also spills into Veronica’s confirmation where we see Archie finally decide that he’s on Veronica’s side and he wants to keep her safe. Admittedly, it wasn’t the most interesting part of the episode but it did do a very good job of breaking up what was happening elsewhere.

I did like when Hiram defended Pop but I wonder if that’s just to save face and appear nice or because he genuinely cares for Pop. Hiram is a very interesting character but he’s still very much in the shadow and we don’t know very much about him. Hopefully, more will come to light as the season goes on and we’ll be able to see what’s really going on.

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Seeing Betty and the whole webcam situation was interesting, but I wonder if it will actually go any further. We know that Chic isn’t all that he seems and there’s definitely more going on there, so I wonder if it will all be connected and all come to blows at the same time. Will he use it against her? Was introducing her to it a part of something bigger? Or does Chic have no ill intentions, but simply wants to be in charge of everything and it just turns out that Betty could, and probably will get hurt in the long run.

Also, “Fine, Hal. Do what you want.” was a great moment.

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[The CW]

It was really great to see Betty and Jughead make up. There was no doubt that it was going to happen, but it was still nice nonetheless, especially when we got to see them investigating what happened to Pickens’ head. I’ve said it time and time again, but Riverdale is very good at putting two people together and making it interesting, sometimes it comes down to them looking for some sort of clue and trying to solve a mystery, which is exactly what happened in this case.

Finding out that it was Tall Boy that did it wasn’t exactly a shocker, but it was a pleasure to watch the Serpents vote against him and side with FP and Jughead once again. I didn’t really like that they brought Penny back, I was hoping we had seen the last of her, but at least it wasn’t for very long. Now that she’s out there though, I wonder if she’ll ever come into play again, and the same goes for Tall Boy. That’s two people, that we know about, that feel like they’ve been wronged by a member of the Jones family, particularly Jughead, so I wonder if that’ll play a factor in something much bigger later on.

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[The CW]

And finally, we end the episode with a dead body and Alice Cooper trying to clean up the mess, because of course in true Riverdale fashion, we can’t have any happiness in an episode without something going wrong.

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