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Note: This review is a little shorter than usual due to a backlog of posts.

I loved the compilation of Alice and Betty cleaning up the mess in the house and trying to get rid of the dead body. It was the little touches like how they obsessively clean everything, especially when Betty cleans the fruit. And how it ended with Betty collapsing on her bed (I really loved that camera work!)

I appreciated that neither of them really handled it very well which made it seem more real and interesting.

Even though Alice was acting calm, we knew that she wasn’t. She was just too calm, acting like nothing had happened and that everything was sorted and nothing would come back to get them so long as they played it cool.

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On the flip side, you have Betty completely freaking out. We see her throwing up at school, we also see her not believing Chic but then later defending him against Hal just so their secret won’t get out. You can see her spiraling and doing whatever she can to make sure it all stays hidden, and beneath that, you can see that she’s doing it for Alice.

And it turns out that Betty has every right to panic because they didn’t have it completely sorted. That moment where Betty and Jughead realise that the drug dealer’s car has been outside the entire time really changed things. That moment where they tried to dump the car and for a minute it floated and refused to sink, really had me on the edge of my seat just like it did with Jughead and Betty. And I truly felt their relief when it finally did sink.

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[The CW]

My favourite thing by far about this whole situation is how Alice and Betty went to FP for help. He straight up buried a body for them and told Alice that it was because they protect their own. Seeing them all in that booth, and the way FP held Alice’s hand, was so intimate. They have their own little circle now and I hope this isn’t the last of what we see. There’s a ton of history in Riverdale, more specifically with the Serpents, and especially between FP and Alice, and we deserve to know more about it.

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[The CW]

Some other things to note:

  • Creepy Chic. He’s a fantastic character, I love him, but what is he up to? I can’t wait to find out more about him as the series goes on. Although, I am hoping they don’t drag it out too long.
  • The FBI agent isn’t real and I’m so happy. That storyline was so shady and I really hoped it wouldn’t turn into anything major. I also loved that Hermione showed up to speak to Archie and not Hiram, I would love to see her be more in power at some point.

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