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Now, the only person who isn’t aware of what’s happening in the Pierce family is Jennifer but it’s only a matter of time. The fact that Anissa knows and also has powers of her own is really going to change the conversation. She’s definitely more like her father, but even he has his limitations and doubts when it comes to being a hero and using his powers, so perhaps there’s going to be even more of a dynamic.

Now the family is able to fully discuss the good side and bad side to having powers. It’s also a lot more personal. Anissa is able to put a face to it all now and it’s allowing for her to really see how serious it all is. She does show how truly selfless she is by stating that she’s willing to give up having a life and her own happiness just to make sure other people are safe.

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Gambi making a suit for Anissa. I love his enthusiasm while talking about it and I love how taken aback but ultimately happy she is to be getting a real suit. The fact that it was Lynn who suggested the suit, and asks Jefferson to train Anissa, shows that she’s really coming around to it all. Perhaps it’s not because she necessarily agrees but because she knows the alternative isn’t an option.

Despite his earlier objections, Jefferson finally comes around to helping Anissa and they have that hear to heart in her room. With all the walls closing in around them we might actually see them team up properly.

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Lady Eve continues to be a big favourite for me. I didn’t expect to see her interact with Gambi again, but I’m not going to complain. There’s clearly a lot of shared history there and every time we get a little bit more information about that the more I want to see them together.

That ambush was great because we got to see Lady Eve kick ass, but then that final shot. I can’t believe they killed her. I really do hope that isn’t the end, she’s such a fantastic villain and I really do want to see more from her.

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[The CW]

Other things to note:

  • I wonder if Billy Henderson will ever find out that Jefferson is Black Lightning, especially when he’s in communication with Black Lightning. And if he does find out, will he be okay with it? Right now he thinks Black Lightning killed Lady Eve so he’s most definitely not going to be okay with it, at least at first.
  • Gambi kicking ass. I am there for that. Technically he teamed up with Lady Eve for this by getting the intel from her. It would have been awesome to see more of that, but considering she’s dead (at least right now) I’d settle for some flashbacks.
  • Black Lightning zapping Tobias Whale was so good. I didn’t expect Tori to die though. I half expected her to be taken somewhere and to be saved by Black Lighting. That would have created a really interesting scenario.
  • Also, Syonide has some serious skill, more of that, please.

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