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The main focus of this episode was the Narrows and an assassination attempt on Lee. We find out that it’s actually Ed that’s behind it, although he’s unaware of his actions until The Toy Maker tells him. This is most likely going to throw a major spanner in the works in terms of their relationship, and even just in general for Ed.

Although it does benefit him to be working with Lee, you can tell that he does genuinely care about Lee. It can’t be easy to know that a part of you wants to kill someone you care about. Ed can be quite a cocky character at times though and it’ll probably take a lot more than this to really derail him, but if this is what we’re starting with then it’s only going to get more extreme from here.

The assassination attempt brings the attention of the GCPD, bringing Jim Gordon to the Narrows. As suspected he has no idea that Lee is in charge, or even living down in the Narrows, and simply knows the leader as “Doc.” That reunion was great to see, but I was way more excited about Jim and Ed running into each other.

Their dynamic is so interesting and I’ve always loved their scenes together so to have them interact again was fantastic! There was so much content between the two of them and it’s set up pretty well for them to interact again in the future which I’m looking forward to.

Elsewhere we have Alfred who somewhat intertwined with the Narrows story but primarily went off on his own. Out in the world, he’s getting into a bit of trouble but most of his storyline is spent with Tiffany, a local waitress. She was so nice and lovely and I really hoped she would stay in the show a little longer. Either way, they struck up a pretty lovely friendship in a short space of time.

Her death, and the events that followed, led to the reveal that Harvey is now working at a bar. He helped Alfred out in a fight and the two share a drink. It seems like we might see more scenes between these two in the future, at least I hope for, could make for an interesting team up

Other things to note:

  • Grundy is having a bit of a crisis now that he knows he was Butch Gilzean. It was really sad to see that he and Tabitha didn’t reunite, but I’m also glad. I love Butch, but I also love Grundy. I  want the former back, but I also don’t want to completely lose the latter. Right now I like him working with Ed and Lee, so it would be great if he could get some memories back and be a blend of Grundy and Butch but still be in the same position he was in before. I also loved how he knocked the toy plane out the way to protect Lee.
  • Harvey not accepting Jim’s apology. I want them to be friends again, but I also like how Harvey is standing his ground and looking out for himself.
  • The new Ivy Pepper. I always knew I would like Peyton List. She’s a great actor and the people at Gotham do a fantastic job at hiring people, but I don’t really know how I feel. I think I’m going to need to see a few more episodes to really get on board with Ivy’s story and to get settled with whatever it is they’re doing with her.

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