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There were two sides to this episode. The first was the start of new Ivy’s storyline, and the second was Oswald’s time in Arkham. Both of which didn’t strike me too much. Now, I’m a huge fan of the show so I tend to enjoy every episode I watch, this one included, but I have to say that this one didn’t leave too much of a lasting impact on me. Regardless, it still had some shining moments.

Ivy goes in search for answers in regards to the Wayne Enterprise project known as “M.” She takes Selina on this journey for a little bit, but as soon as Selina finds out what Ivy is truly capable of, she leaves. This means that she’s probably not safe now. If she gets in Ivy’s way then she’s most likely going to get hurt.

Ivy eventually goes to Bruce Wayne to see what he knows. The hallucinations she causes him to have were kind of weird and I wasn’t really that into them. The bat ones were the best because you can assume that they’re going to be a big step in making him Batman one day, but if they were going to do hallucinations and fear then why not use Scarecrow? He’s going to come back at some point. Regardless, I am happy that we’re seeing bit by bit what she’s capable of. I also liked how the billionaire comment made him realise that it was Ivy.

On her journey to find out more about Project M she also comes across Lucius Fox. Ivy puts him under her spell and uses him to get what she needs. It turns out that Project M is to do with the Lazarus Pit. We know that Ra’s al Ghul is going to return at some point and eventually a lot of the things have to come together before the end of the season, which makes me wonder if perhaps Ivy taking part of the Lazarus water will be involved with the return of Ra’s. Probably not, but it’ll be interesting to see where her plan/story goes from here.

Elsewhere, in Arkham, we find out that Oswald has been there for a few weeks and has generally kept out of trouble. That is until this episode where he meets Jerome. At first, he torments Oswald and eventually that stops when Oswald has had enough and realises that Jerome could be a good asset in getting out of Arkham.

Also during these scenes, Ed visits Oswald in Arkham. He goes there to gloat, but it’s clear that something else is going on, and it’s confirmed when the origami penguin is left behind. We’re going to see a lot more of these two together, but with Ed seeing the hallucination/darker side of himself, perhaps it’s that version that teams up with Oswald instead which will make a very different dynamic for sure.

To be honest, I thought I was going to like the Arkham stuff a lot more, but it didn’t really interest me that much. I will say, it was a good set up. Hopefully, the other ones to follow will be a lot better. I certainly ended up liking the relationship between Oswald and Jerome so at the very least I’m excited to see where that goes.

I’m still not entirely sure about Ivy, I do like her, but I feel like once her plans become more concrete and her story develops I’ll like her a whole lot more.

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