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Things really do seem to be heating up in Riverdale and it’s almost about to burst. With the revelation that we got this episode about Hiram’s real plans for Riverdale and the South Side, things are only going to get more intense from here.

Backtracking to the build-up, I liked that Jughead was the one looking into Hiram’s recent actions to try and figure out what he was planning before it actually came to light. With every time a piece of information came to light, another person seemed to become wary of the Lodge family and their future plans.

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Archie finally seems to show concern when his dad is being dragged into the mix. He first seems wary when Veronica and Hiram wink at each other, and then later when he finds out about the plan that Fred will run for Mayor. From then on, Archie seemed to be completely against the Lodge family for once. He went to Jughead for help and even gave out some secret information. It was nice to see he was picking his dad over Veronica and her parents, and then the end of the episode came.

These prison plans that Hiram has aren’t going to end well, and that’s clear. People are going to get hurt, it’s not going to have the positive payout that he’s promising. Things are too hot right now some damage is bound to follow. Archie is going to be right in the middle of it. Siding with Hiram in such a serious way at the end of the episode is going to guarantee that Archie, and potentially his family, are going to get hurt.

Also, either Veronica is lying, or she’s really naive to think that Fred wouldn’t have been used as a pawn in the Lodge game. On a slightly more positive note, I really loved that Fred only had good intentions about potentially running for Mayor.

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I love that Jughead took his information to Betty and Alice, and not just the former. Now that the paper is owned by Hiram, and people are slowly falling under the Lodge spell, perhaps this trio might end up working with FP too. The little circle will be back again and that’s a group of people I would love to see bring down the Lodge family. Especially because they would most likely team up with the Serpents to make it happen.

Regardless, even with Jughead on his own this episode, I enjoyed seeing the way his investigation progressed. I was more than excited to see Smithers again. There was much concern after he left suddenly, I actually began to wonder if something had happened to him. He seems to genuinely have Veronica’s best interest at heart. I do believe Hermione would have her daughter’s best interest at heart if Hiram wasn’t around. Maybe Smithers will make Veronica realise her parents don’t have good intentions and make Hermione realise that she needs to pick her daughter over her husband.

Also, Pop’s genuine sadness about selling to Hiram and how, no matter how much it might help the cause, Jughead couldn’t release the information.

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That whole thing with Betty and Kevin catfishing Chic was really great and weird. He’s clearly shady and up to something, but I agree with Kevin, he doesn’t seem all that bad (at least not all of the time). I really love the character and I kind of want to know already what’s going on.

I never know what to think of him. Everything he does, it’s to get his own way, (for example, how he takes the twins out for a walk just to scare Poppy and get her to leave,) but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a genuine reason, is there something in particular that’s making him act the way he does. I’m still holding hope that those test results, and future revelations, will reveal that he’s FP’s son. Mostly because the test will probably say he’s not a Blossom, and as Alice proudly mentioned before, she’s not a Blossom. That means he could still be her son. If that is the reveal, I wonder if he knows? And if he does, is that part of why he’s acting so strange all the time?

Also, Hal and Alice getting a divorce. I’m not going to complain about that. Although, I do like how every Cooper, except Alice, doesn’t like Chic and is highly suspicious of him.

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There were two great things about the Blossom will reading. The first was Alice Cooper storming in and roasting Penelope and the Blossoms with a force so powerful that no one could stop her. Honestly, the below quote has to be one the best lines ever delivered on Riverdale.

Shut your face, you half-melted ten cent trollop!

The other was Toni and Cheryl. This is certainly a relationship I want to see more of in the future, and with the reveal that her uncle and mother are plotting something, I would very much enjoy Cheryl spending some time on the South Side with Toni. Perhaps, she could spend time at the Whyte Wyrm among the other Serpents as well.

Also, the whole lesbos dinner scene was hilarious and definitely up there with one of the best moments of the episode, perhaps even the season.

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