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Thank goodness Alfred didn’t forgive Bruce straight away or instantly help him. It was crystal clear that the latter hadn’t truly changed. When Bruce threw Alfred’s advice back in his face it became clear that he only asked for help because he was scared and was out of his element, and when Bruce didn’t get what he wanted straight away he went back to being that spoilt brat again.

Don’t get me wrong. I get why Bruce is acting out, but it’s all become a bit much. Thankfully we seem to be moving on from all of that and are getting closer to having the old Bruce back.

After everything that went down with Alfred, and Selina turning him down too, we finally see him become the Bat again. I loved that hearing all of the people screaming and knowing that Alfred was probably still the room were the key things that made Bruce help. With Alfred now back at Wayne Manor and with Bruce and Lucious’ relationship growing as the season goes on, we might actually make steps towards having a more grounded Bruce again and towards more Batman.

Also, when Jim shot Bruce it genuinely felt like he was going to uncover what Bruce was doing. It would be different. At some point, Jim is going to work with Batman in the future and perhaps know his real identity, and it would be a different take if Jim found out before Bruce becomes Batman properly.

The Ivy content was actually a little better this episode. I think it’s because she’s so new, but I really do not know what to think. As a character, she simply falls a little flat for me, and I think her story could be much better. It doesn’t help that she is essentially a new character. When Maggie Geha took over, Ivy had aged physically but her mind was still that of Clare Foley’s version. It seems that this new Peyton List version has aged both in mind and body, but right now she feels kind of void of any character.

I love that she’s stronger, smarter, and have all of these powers but that’s really it? Of course, things could solidify a little more as the season goes on and as we get to know her better, but right now it’s not really working for me. I’m only critical of this because we’ve known Ivy since the very first episode and she deserves to have more depth.

It was so nice to see Harvey and Jim back together and how it wasn’t straightforward. The fact that it took more than one conversation for them to even begin to make up worked really well, Gotham didn’t rush it, but it also wasn’t dragged out either. Now that Jim has confessed to knowing about Pyg, Harvey might still be a little reserved in trusting him or wanting to work with him, but after everything that’s happened at least they’re aiming towards being a team again.

One thing I didn’t like from this episode was Harvey declaring that he earned the job as Captain and it was stolen from him. Although those things are true, based on Harvey’s character throughout this series, I always got the opinion that he’s never wanted to be Captain. He always ends up in the role because the current Captain is unable to do their job, or they’re dead. This time around it was a little more official and was supposed to be more permanent, but I also got the impression that he never wanted the job, he was just making the most of the situation.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Harvey’s content this episode, and his moments with Jim. Gotham is definitely better with these two characters together, even when they’re not in agreement and fighting.

I hope Lee drags Sofia off her throne, or at the very least it would just be great to see Lee take down Sofia to reclaim the Narrows.

She has proven herself time and time again as the Queen of the Narrows. Granted, with Ed currently unavailable and what’s happened with Sofia, she might struggle a little but I don’t see Lee giving up entirely. It’s not going to stop her from caring about the people that live there, so it’s only going to be a matter of time before she does what she can to help them again.

It’s also not fair that Jim gets to take Sofia down and Lee is simply hurt in the crossfire. The battle was brought to her, so let her fight.

Most of this episode revolves around characters not having the most sunshine time, and that’s safe to say for Ed. He’s doing his best to keep the Riddler at bay and stay as the person he’s become recently.

The fact that Ed was willing to end his own life just to keep Lee safe really goes to show how much he cares about her and how much he loves her. Whether it’s in a romantic way or a platonic way, Ed’s feelings are seemingly very genuine. If, or rather when, we get him back I wonder how he’ll react to the recent developments.

Based on the fact that Oswald wanted to set the Riddler free, it seems like the Riddler has taken over Ed again but this time for a lot longer. Hopefully, we can get to a point in which the character becomes a bit of both. Season 3 (and even late season 2) Ed was a mixture of the two and being on ice (and then waking up) seems to have split him half.

What Oswald did was horrible. He only wanted the Riddler so he could get out of Arkham, I have a feeling that is going to backfire on him. The Riddler is more calculated and looks out for himself majority of the time whereas Ed, although he is both of those things at times, he can be compassionate and has more of a moral compass, when they’re together they make a perfect blend. When push comes to shove the Riddler will turn on Oswald, or simply abandoned him, especially when he feels like he’s repaid his debt.

It’s not going to be smooth sailing from here but I’m looking forward to it. it’s impossible to know how Ed and Oswald are going to get passed this once Ed is back (or merges with the Riddler again). I’m hoping it’s not rushed or pushed to one side, but given a decent amount of time. I love these two together, but there is bound to be a world of pain at some point.

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