[Featured Image: Netflix]

Although not necessarily as action-packed as its first season, Jessica Jones season 2 still manages to pack a pretty powerful punch. This new season focuses more on the aftermath of what happened with Kilgrave, and actually pays attention to what these characters went through rather than skipping over it. Instead, it blends with the new story which makes it feel much more consistent.

During this season, we get to see the characters deal with a variety of things such as family history, addiction, self-esteem, illness, and much more. We’re also introduced to new characters who have their own problems and lives, providing even more things to focus on throughout the season. Characters are by far what carries season 2, we find out so much more information about each of them, and if you loved them in season 1 you’re going to love them even more now.

I’ve seen a lot of people stating that this season was boring and I have to wholeheartedly disagree with those statements. It definitely is different than the first season, but it’s still got great pacing and a consistent story that is wrapped up fairly well but still leaves enough space for a future. Could it have been a shorter season? Perhaps. However, there was never a moment in which I thought a scene could be cut or an episode could be condensed. There’s no point where it feels like it went on for too long.

There was also a lot of talking about there being no villain, and to an extent that is correct. There’s no straightforward, black and white villain, but I wouldn’t say this season is completely void. Instead, I would say the primary villain is trauma, addiction, and other such similar things. It’s more internal demons rather than an outside force, although there are a lot of outside factors (people included) that contribute.

Generally, this season is equally as good as the first. I recommend that everyone gives it a shot, but it really is going to come down to what you love to watch. If you love character and more of an emotional impact, then you’ll love this season. If all you care about is action then this season might lack ever so slightly for you.

Season 2 is definitely a great step forward, either towards another season of Jessica Jones or another crossover. Also, on a side note, the opening credits are very beautiful and the show continues to have a very captivating aesthetic.

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