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Opening the episode by switching back and forth between Jefferson and Anissa training, and the news coverage of people talking about Black Lightning was a really fantastic way to start. It gave use two lots of information: that the police are hunting for Black Lightning and that he’s started training Anissa, all at one time.

It was a great little touch that Jefferson tried to emphasise that their personal feelings can’t come into play. It doesn’t matter what a person’s worldview is, he and Anissa need to deal with crime with little to no civilian casualties. If a person is not a threat to the situation, then leave them be.

Also, how badass was that simulation? I have a feeling the show is going to have other little gems like that stashed away. Bit by bit, as the series goes on, we get a clearer glimpse into the world of Black Lightning.

jefferson pierce anissa pierce black lightning 1x08
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It was also nice to see Anissa and Jefferson’s training extend to an actual mission. We learnt a lot about her powers from their trip to the morgue. Although she’s aware of what her powers are, she still hasn’t quite honed her powers yet and still has to figure out how to use them more effectively and to her advantage. We also know that she’s quite smart, figuring out the burns on Lady Eve at almost the same time as Gambi. The only way she’s not better than, or on par with, Jefferson is with experience. He’s been doing it a lot longer so he has more things mastered, but she’s’ also outshining him at times.

This is shown later when they’re in the woods and she tackles him to the ground before he can get caught in an explosion. Back at the house, Jefferson gloats about how he messed up and Anissa was the one on her toes. It goes to show that they both have their own strengths and weaknesses so working together should make for a pretty powerful team. So far, and based on the revelations with Jennifer this episode, it seems like the show is planning to explore how each member of the Pierce family is so different but when put together they make a powerful unit.

I also loved how the Anissa and Jefferson joked about characters dying in horror movies, and how throughout all their training there as no advice on peeing before a stakeout.

anissa pierce jefferson pierce black lightning 1x08
[The CW]

From Jefferson and Lynn’s talk about Anissa’s powers, you can tell they’re both worried. Lynn’s is more obvious. You can see it on her face, in her body language, but Jefferson channels his. He appears happy to have someone else in the family with powers, someone who knows what’s happening and can relate, but he’s constantly reminding Anissa that she could die. He seemingly channels his concerns into making sure she’s aware and training her properly so that she can be as safe as possible when she’s out.

Elsewhere, we see Lynn looking into the samples she sent for testing and finding out about another break-in, causing her to investigate further, which leads to the revelation that Green Light is a much bigger deal than first thought, and this actually blends her side of the episode more with Jefferson’s side.

lynn pierce black lightning 1x08
[The CW]

Her investigations also prompt Lynn to talk to Gambi which finally uncovers what he’s been hiding. From his secret meeting earlier in the episode, and his past talks with Lady Eve, it’s no surprise that he’s been up to something. Now we know he’s working for the A.S.A and was the one who leaked information about a vaccine that turned people into metahumans to Alvin Pierce.

He does seem to be genuinely looking out for the Pierce family. He had a deal with Lady Eve that they were off limits, and he seemed to be doing everything he could (in this episode, and previous episodes) to make sure they remained safe. You can see the confliction he has this episode, and it’s all confirmed when he finally admits the truth to Jefferson.

I wonder what’s going to happen to him. He’s going to have to keep up appearances with the A.S.A while also trying to prove himself to the Pierce family. I wonder if he’ll gather information and try to help from a distance. I don’t see him stepping down from the A.S.A because not only would that put him in a dangerous position but then it means he’s on the outisde and definitely has no hope of helping Jefferson and his family.

peter gambi black lightning 1x08
[The CW]

Lala being back from the dead is very strange. He seems really different and from that talk with Lawanda in the car, and later in the shower, it seems like it’s not all straight in his head. At first, it seemed like he thought the others in the car could see her or just that he didn’t care how strange it was that he was seemingly talking to thin air, but it soon appears as if he was almost unaware that he had been speaking out loud.

It’s like Lala’s caught in a bubble when he speaks to Lawanda as if the world around him is somewhat blocked out and he talks to her like they’re in private and forgets that there are people around him to see and hear him talking to no one. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Also, with people resurrecting, can we have Lady Eve back?

lawanda lala black lightning 1x08
[The CW]

Probably one of the most exciting parts of this episode, which we’ll hopefully see more and more of as the season goes on, is Jennifer and her powers! I loved that they came on suddenly and freaked her out, which is very different to Anissa’s experience. It’ll be nice if their journeys are somewhat different because then it won’t seem too repetitive, and we’ll get to explore a lot more.

Let’s all appreciate that Jennifer spends time trying to use her powers again to make sure they’re real and she’s not imagining them or anything, and then she goes straight to Anissa. Again, showing the difference between the two of them. It’s going to be fun to see where things go from here now that 3/4 members of the Pierce family have powers.

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