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Things aren’t really going well for the Lodge family this episode. When we first see Hermione she’s doing the interview with Hal. Later, we see her warning Veronica that she needs to be her and Hiram’s obedient little girl, and by this point, we assume that she’s as heartless as her husband, until her last scene.

When Veronica explains how bad things are and how much people really hate them, it seems to hit Hermione. For once she seems genuinely sad and unsure. As of right now, we don’t know if it’s because she’s concerned about what’s happening to her family, or if she’s concerned about what it’ll do to their plans.

Hiram, on the other hand, seemingly doesn’t care about Veronica, at least not as much as he claims. Every time it seems like she might mess up his plans, he turns on her. So far it seems like Hiram is only willing to help her if it’ll benefit him or at the very least it won’t get in his way. Maybe deep down he does care, and when things go horribly wrong with his South Side plans, he’ll realise how much he cares, but for now, it’s very clear that he doesn’t.

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Elsewhere we see Veronica trying to run for student body president to win people over after Ethel throws a milkshake from Pop’s all over her in the middle of the cafeteria. You see Veronica trying to do damage control and keep everyone calm. She, and Archie, continue to lie to Jughead and Betty about how much she knew about her father’s plans, she offers Ethel’s dad a job that hasn’t even been discussed yet, and she practically bribes Josie into endorsing her.

The biggest kicker was that not only did Ethel throw her apology back in her face, but the information she came armed with was from Josie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fully blame Veronica, she’s clearly somewhat blinded by her parents but I do have to agree with those, like Betty, who say she could have told people. If Veronica was really trying to keep her parents in line and what not, then telling the core four could have helped. Archie only knows because he was beginning to be roped in by Hiram, and then he jumped in full force because of his feelings for Veroncia. Originally, she didn’t want him to know anything either.

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And things aren’t exactly going well for Veronica’s parents either. On one side, Fred Andrews is trying to get out of his contract with the Lodge’s, and on the other side Jughead is protesting the knocking down of South Side high. I was happy to see that Mary returned to help the former and it seems like she’s sticking around a bit longer this time which will be nice. I couldn’t believe it when she ripped Archie a new one for disrespecting Fred, she didn’t hold back and it was so beautiful to watch.

Now that Fred’s out of his contract I’m excited to see him run for Mayor, especially with Mary’s help.Also, Archie was the one to get him out of his contract? So will Hiram see that as a betrayal? Will he assume that Archie requested that so his father could run?

You could see it in his Archie’s, and his body language, that he saw Hiram in a different light during their talk about stopping Jughead and the other Serpents. Whether or not it’s enough to make him turn his back, is a different story, but if Archie keeps having his doubts then we might see him finally go against the Lodge’s.

To be honest, it’s mostly Hiram they need to go against. There were moments, like in today’s episode, where it’s clear Hermione and Veronica most likely would not have done anything like this if Hiram was around and, if someone else had suggested it, they would have been against it like the rest of the town.

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Elsewhere, Jughead isn’t making things any easier. He chains himself to South Side high along with some of the teen Serpents. I loved seeing FP and some of the older Serpents hanging out nearby as protection to make sure nothing bad happened. In fact, FP had some great moments with Jughead this episode. The way he disappeared for a bit, but only because he was getting food for the young Serpents. That moment after they’ve eaten and they’re sat on the wall together. For a while now FP has tried very hard to be a good dad and he has succeeded in my opinion. You can see how much he loves Jughead and he’s actually sticking around and is there when Jughead needs him.

The most interesting part of Archie showing up to cut Jughead down is the fact that Jughead basically got what he wanted. He made the news of what Hiram was doing go viral, and framed it in a pretty negative light, despite the fact that Hiram had bought the local paper. Archie didn’t really seem too bothered by that, more bothered by the fact that he had to be there in the first place to do it, adding to this idea that Archie might slowly be seeing through Hiram.

The other fantastic moment about this scene was when FP stood between Archie and Jughead, and talked about how he wasn’t afraid to knock Archie out if he had to. Once again, FP Jones standing up for his boy.

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Speaking of boys, FP is Chic’s father, right? Okay, okay, so Alice could be telling the truth, perhaps he isn’t, but we also don’t know everything about her past, her time with the Serpents, and her shared history with FP, there could be so many reasons as to why she would keep it a secret. It seems to make the most sense that he is the father, but maybe he just knows who the father is. Regardless, there’s still a lot to learn about FP and Alice, although they don’t get a lot of screen time together, there is definitely way too much going on there.

We get some confirmation this episode when Alice basically admits to Betty that she and FP have had sex before. The way Alice reacted to Betty sleeping with Jughead, and her mention of knowing how alluring the Jones boys are, suggests that maybe she and FP had sex more than once. Or, maybe it was just one time, and that one time led to a little bundle of joy? From what little we’ve actually seen of FP and Alice together so far, it’s bound to be interesting regardless of what’s revealed. They’re by far two of the most interesting characters on the show, so to have them come together makes it even better.

Elsewhere with the Coopers, we see Betty threatening Chic, but it seems like he gives as a good as he gets. I admit, he is definitely hiding something, but I don’t think it’s who he’s related to. I could be wrong, but it seems like he is genuinely Alice’s son, but Betty is also right, he’s hiding something. The only other thing that really springs to mind is that he knew the real Chic Cooper and is pretending to be him, I don’t really see what the point would be, and honestly, I just really want to know what the deal is. There’s also a chance that he already knows who is father is and that’s what’s fueling him. Hopefully, we find out for sure this season.

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Finally, we have Cheryl. After overhearing her mother and uncle talking last week, she’s completely on edge. First Nana Rose is found at the bottom of the stairs. It doesn’t take Cheryl very long to put two and two together and get the confirmation she needs. She’s so close to telling the doctor what really happened to Nana Rose, but of course, Penelope Blossom isn’t too far away.

Secondly, we have Cheryl being sent away. Something I wasn’t really expecting. I mean, to be fair, I half expected them to try and kill her, perhaps Penelope pushing Cheryl from the moving car, but sending her away like that wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I don’t see it lasting too long, at least I hope it doesn’t, especially with Toni on the case. She’s not the only one who knows how scared Cheryl was, so hopefully, others are equally suspicious and choose to help Toni save her.

Speaking of, Toni and Cheryl’s relationship is really cute! Hopefully, Riverdale continues on with that once they’re reunited, or at least at some point after. It would be a massive step back, and a huge mistake, if Riverdale were to cut the relationship indefinitely.

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Some other things to note:

  • Kevin Keller. He had so many great little moments in this episode and he definitely is an underrated favourite. I loved seeing how he and Josie were continuing to hang out and seem pretty close. I also really liked seeing him with Chic. I’m really curious to see where that’s going to go.
  • Ethel! I really like her and I was so happy to see she got some scenes this episode. I’m hoping we get at least a few more out of her before the season ends.
  • Jughead and Betty running for student body president. Now, this is a campaign I’m excited to see. I also can’t wait to see what happens with Betty moving in with Jughead.

All in all, it really seems like next week’s episode is going to be just as good, if not better. If this keeps up, it could be continuously good until the end of the season.

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