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When I heard that Martin was coming back I honestly expected more screen time, but what little he got was so good. He’s such a great little character and although I can’t imagine him sticking around forever, I’m happy to see they didn’t completely get rid of him just yet. Only appearing at the beginning of this episode did throw me ever so slightly, but he’s supposed to be showing up in more episodes this season, which if that’s true then it makes sense that this episode was spent entirely eliminating threats for him to come back properly.

After getting Martin to safety Ed and Oswald are able to focus on taking Sophia down. Breaking the latter out of Arkham was hilarious, even if we didn’t see the entire thing. The first highlight of the breakout was Oswald answering the guard’s riddler – “is it a knuckle sandwich?” – followed by the dawning realisation of what was about to happen right before he got punched in the face. The second highlight was when Harvey looked out of the window only to see Oswald and Ed running along with the latter firing wildly into the air.

Once they’re out, Ed is clearly calling the shots. He goes to Lee thinking she can help, but ultimately decides that she can’t considering that she’s lost the Narrows (which, as we know, is a very stupid thing to think considering how things end) and relays his plan to freeze Oswald and send him to Sophia like “a chilly Trojan horse.” It’s hilarious that they argue over this, but later, when there’s no other way, Oswald does, in fact, get frozen by Victor Fries and sent to Sophia.

While this is going on we see Ed getting tortured, which might I say, was one of the best moments. He laughs, provokes the people around him, and continuously refuses to give up Oswald’s whereabouts. All of this helps him out later when he’s down on the docks about to be killed because after being unfrozen Oswald finds out that Ed refused to betray him, so he chooses to save Ed’s life instead of getting revenge against Sophia.

It’s nice to see those two back together again. Ed has suppressed a part of himself though when the Riddler side of him took over, so at some point, he has to become a little more balanced, that part can’t stay suppressed forever, and when it stops being then it might cause another temporary rift between Ed and Oswald, but after past dramas I doubt it’ll last more than an episode and things will be more real and solid between the two.

Seeing Victor Fries again was a treat. The last time we saw him was back in episode 4 when he was going to freeze Ed again before Oswald decided to let him go. He’s another example of Oswald ditching people when he feels they are of no use to him anymore. It’s another lesson he needs to learn. So far Oswald has learnt about true love, and how to put his own needs to one side (i.e. giving up his revenge against Sophia this episode), so he is on his way to realising that he can’t just keep people who benefit him around, and then leave them when they don’t anymore.

We didn’t see, but we can assume that Fries got his money. There’s no point in backtracking with him so I doubt he’ll stop being Mr Freeze, so when his experiments don’t work I wonder what he’ll do with it all. I can imagine him just diving deeper seen as he can’t help him, perhaps enhance his gear, get somewhere better to stay, just embrace the way he is now.

Lee killed it this episode (literally in some ways). In last week’s review, I said: “I hope Lee drags Sofia off her throne, or at the very least it would just be great to see Lee take down Sofia to reclaim the Narrows” and I was so excited to see that I pretty much got my wish! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting Lee to straight up shoot Sophia in the head, but I’m not complaining either. Sophia is technically in a coma so chances are she’ll come back, probably before the end of the season, which means the actual person to take her out (kill her or run her out of Gotham permanently) might not be Lee, but this was still a stellar moment.

I loved the way Lee kept refusing to give up even when Ed thought she was useless, and she manages to prove herself several times over. She saves Oswald from Zsasz and Headhunter, convinces Victor Fries to help them get close to Sophia, shoots Sophia twice, saves Jim’s life, and takes back the Narrows, and she manages to do it all with one hand.

By the end of the episode, it appears that she’s become more ruthless. Taking Sampson’s hand like that is a move old Lee would never have done, but I honestly don’t think she’s gone totally dark. She still saved Jim’s life, sure there’s some sort of love there, but I think it just implies that her desire to help people is still there. It just seems like she’s no longer afraid to take serious action when it comes to people who might hurt her and her people.

It was nice to see Jim and Harvey working together again. It was hilarious when they ran into Oswald in the middle of the street. The way Oswald smashes that bottle to create a weapon, and Jim and Harvey trying to talk him down and convince him to help them. Considering Gotham isn’t exactly the smallest place, everyone has a habit of running into each other randomly on the street.

Throughout this episode, Harvey was actively trying to follow the law while Jim was willing to break a rule here and there, which is actually the opposite of how they were in season 1. It’s interesting to see how the tables have turned, and we’ll need to see if they stay this way or go back to how they used to be in the first season.

The two of them really do balance each other out and hopefully, going forward, they’ll be more honest with each other in order to fully move forward and avoid having any repeats in the future.

The only major thing that didn’t relate to Sophia this episode was Selina and Bruce. Not only is it great to have a Bruce that isn’t acting like a spoilt brat anymore, but it’s really great to see him and Selina teaming up again. Seeing them fight together and play off each other like they did was really fantastic. It makes me excited for the possibility of future Batman and Catwoman interactions.

It’ll be interesting if we get a premature version of it in which Selina finds out, before he fully becomes Batman, that Bruce is going out and saving people. It’s a genuine pleasure to see these characters working together at such a young age instead of later on in life like in most adaptations, so for Selina to be more involved with Bruce’s journey (and perhaps vice versa) would be a great touch.

Some other things:

  • Zsasz and Headhunter teaming up. I loved their run-in with Harvey at Arkham, and then later on the street. Their content is always hilarious, especially with Zsasz. I did also appreciate the moment in which Sophia kisses the top of his head, but it did make me wish we had seen more of that relationship while they were working together.
  • I almost completely forgot that Ed didn’t know about Grundy remembering everything! That confrontation wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I am kind of curious about what the show plans to do with him from here on out though.
  • Ra’s taking over Barbara at the end of the episode! I wonder if it’s a Freaky Friday type of deal in which they swap bodies (although she wouldn’t have one to go into), or will they share a body? Perhaps she’ll gain his memories, skills, etc. so that she can bring him back from the dead.
  • There’s so much I could say about Mr. Penn’s scene but I’ll stick to the fact that he was the reason that Sophia was always one step ahead. At least that question was answered because it really did start to feel like we were supposed to believe that she was just that good, but now we know it’s due to an inside man. I also loved that he was actually working for Falcone too.

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