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Although I hope this Gambi and Jefferson fight won’t last for too long, I did like that the episode started with their fight and Jefferson taking out all of his anger on the punching bag. Their fight can’t last too long because Anissa is starting to ask questions now and things are getting intense on so many different angles that they might have no choice but to put the past to one side, at least for now.

It was also good to see Gambi looking for information. It’s clear he’s sorry and trying his best to make it up to Jefferson, and although we didn’t see much of him this episode, it’s nice to know that Gambi is taking steps to do that.

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It actually works so well that Jennifer doesn’t like having powers. It provides a completely new and different outlook to what we’ve already seen with Anissa. As we know from previous episodes, having superpowers isn’t always good, there are downsides and we’re really exploring that with Jennifer.

I loved that she freaked out when Anissa told her everything, and it took some time for her to warm up to the idea of her father and sister being superheroes. It was nice to see them joking and laughing over memes and the fact that Anissa has more fans, but this is just the start so no doubt Jennifer is going to go through more upset before things truly settle down and things become truly okay.

It was also nice to see her talking to Lynn. The two of them have the most in common. Although Lynn’s biggest issue is mostly Jefferson’s addiction to his powers and the danger it can put him in and not necessarily the fact that he has powers, she does understand somewhat where Jennifer is coming from. Perhaps the latter will feel different once time passes. It all comes down to whether she has to use her powers or if she can suppress them, or if she does use them, will they grow on her. Regardless, her talk with Lynn, no matter how upsetting for Jennifer, helped her to eventually talk to her dad.

Seeing her and Jefferson talk really cemented that her journey is going to be vastly different to that of her father’s and sister’s journeys. I wonder where it’ll go from here.

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[The CW]

Seeing Anissa and Jefferson team up will never get old! It was hilarious to watch them with those masks on, but also really great too because we got to see Anissa take charge. The best part came later with their big fight. The way Anissa showed up with her new suit was fantastic and although I miss the bright colours of her self-made suit, I do love this new one too.

Everything about that final fight was amazing. Seeing both Jefferson and Anissa stand their ground. The more they team up the better it gets, and seeing them fight side by side it fantastic, but so is seeing them fight separately to get to the same end goal. Also, the way they walked away at the end was amazing.

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[The CW]

Elsewhere it was finally nice to see Billy Henderson working with Black Lightning for a change. I can understand why he didn’t, and even why Black Lightning thought that he was guilty of Lady Eve’s death, but now they seem to be on the same page. I am looking forward to seeing them work together so more, and I’m also interested to see if Henderson finds out that Black Lightning is Jefferson and what his reaction will be.

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