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It was great to see Two-Bits again. Poor guy always seems to get caught up in things without even trying. I love that he and Jefferson seem so different, but still very close. Although it doesn’t seem like he would ever be a constant character, I do hope we get to see more of Two-Bits in the future because he’s a really great and funny character.

Regardless, the information he gives, along with the information from Gambi, prompts Thunder and Black Lightning to check out the facility. When the former goes alone she finds the missing kids (now adults) from 30 years ago and discovers they’re being kept alive. However, when she goes back with Black Lightning, they’ve been moved elsewhere. This now creates a new element to the story, and being closer to the end of the season, some questions might not be answered this season but saved for season 2.

The best thing to come out of this scene is seeing Thunder and Black Lightning team up again. While fighting the people with guns, the two of them work in sync together and team up in a way that they haven’t before. Every time they fight it’s like watching something brand new, so it never gets old.

Also, that woman trying to drop things (like microwaves) onto Black Lightning’s head but missing was absolutely hilarious. It was also nice to see that Anissa trusted Gambi even when Jefferson tried to tell her about his past with the ASA.

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Gambi is by far one of my favourite characters in this show, so it was nice to see that he and Jefferson had the potential to make up at some point, but it wasn’t so nice that we had to see him get tortured for that process to begin. He really proved his loyalty this episode by not telling the ASA who Black LIghtning is, even when it could have saved his life.

I loved that when they planned to shoot Jefferson to get Gambi to talk, the former made the power go out (cutting the lights) and the latter used the last bit of strength he had to take out the two men. Gambi did everything he could this episode to help keep the Pierce family safe and hopefully, it goes a long way to prove his loyalty even more.

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It’s interesting that we’re going to experience Jennifer’s powers through her journey to learn how to control them as opposed to seeing her use them while she fights (like we did with Anissa). She doesn’t seem to be coming around to the idea of having powers or using them, but she does seem to slowly be coming around to the idea of her family choosing to use their powers to become superheroes.

It was also interesting to find out that Jefferson takes energy and is more like a battery, but Jennifer creates pure energy. That can’t be safe. We saw what happens when she feels any strong emotions, so will we see even more negative sides to having powers through her point of view?

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Lala continues to talk to people who aren’t there. It’s seemingly happening so frequently that one of the people who work for him stands up and shows no fear. Seeing Lala rip that guy’s ear off and shoot him as if it was nothing really shows that he is not to be messed with, no matter how much he talks to himself. We also now know that he wants to kill Tobias so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes from here.

Also, it was clear something was going to happen with the Vice Principle because she showed up in the “previously on” and that only happens when that character or scene is important to the current episode. I didn’t, however, expect her to be the spy, which will be interesting now that she and the ASA know that Jefferson is Black Lightning.

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