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I love that Jim is slowly but surely getting tired of Bruce’s involvement with crime in Gotham. It’s going to be interesting when he finds out what’s really going on. I wonder if Jim will be introduced to the masked vigilante but not know that it’s Bruce, or if he’ll know that it’s Bruce from the start.

It was great how unphased Bruce and Alfred were when Jim threatened to press charges if Bruce continued to get involved. It was even better when Jim and Harvey had to go to Bruce later on in the episode to get some information. Bruce isn’t Batman yet and he probably won’t be for a long time, so it’s always good to see him getting involved with the GCPD and crime in Gotham.

The brunch was a nice little nugget. It was small, and not too much happened, but seeing all these different characters interact was really fun, and when they group together at the end of the episode, it really gave us a good insight into what to expect in the future. We also got confirmation that Jerome has no interest in ruling Gotham, and doesn’t care if the other villains have plans for later, all he wants to do is paint the town crazy and have a ton of fun.

The elevator scene later in the episode was really hilarious, and just his whole trip to find out where Xander Wilde is. The offices took me a moment to get used to, mostly because lately we haven’t seen many nice looking buildings/interiors in a long time, or rather any brightly lit buildings, so it seemed a little how of touch with the aesthetic we’d been given thus far in the season.

Jerome getting knocked out by Echo was great because it added a bump in the road, as did having Jerome locked up in a cell with no windows or doors. It could have been so straightforward, and he could have found Xander, whose real name is Jeremiah, very easily, but it worked that he faced a slight hiccup. It showed that Jerome can face things, he’s either pre-prepared or he’s able to work with any bumps in the road along the way.

Jeremiah looking like Jerome wasn’t a shock at all. There was a lot of talk, and some on-set photos, that spoke about a family member who looked like him appearing this season. We’re told a lot about Jeremiah during the episode and where he’s been, but he doesn’t seem all that trustworthy so I’m sure we’re going to find out more in the future, and it’ll probably take a while to fully grasp who he truly is.

The best moment in Jeremiah’s maze was when Jervis tried to hypnotise Havrey. I loved when he just started yelling and chased Jervis and Jonathan through the maze. It was probably one the biggest highlights of the whole episode.

Oswald and Grundy/Butch teaming up again should be fun, especially when the latter doesn’s trust Oswald, and they both have seen what Jerome is capable of. It’s going to be interesting to find out if this is going to be another person that Oswald is going to leave behind once he gets what he wants, or if he has truly learnt his lesson this time since being locked up in Arkham.

I don’t really know how I feel about Oswald wanting to be the King of Gotham again. I would much rather see him becoming someone that villains go to when they need things such as weapons or papers or anything similar instead of being in charge. He would be the go-to guy without any of the responsibility of leading. It’s just that he’s been knocked down so many times that I think it makes more sense for him to climb back up in a different fashion. Plus, as much as I love seeing him rise and prove everyone wrong, eventually it’s going to get repetitive.

I am looking forward to seeing Hugo Strange again though, and I loved that tiny interaction between Jerome and Butch/Grundy.

Although I expected the Riddle Factory to be a bigger part of this episode, I did enjoy it. It was nice to actually see the Riddler back to himself again. We did see elements of it in episode 15 (and even 14), but this time around, we get to fully experience the return of that side of Ed.

I appreciated seeing Lee challenging him. Finding out, before season 4 aired, that they were going to interact, was one of the many things I was looking forward to this season After that suppressed part of himself (the Riddler) broke free I thought that might be the end of his interactions with Lee, but instead, it’s just grown into something slightly different. After the way this episode ended, and seeing them challenging each other throughout, I really can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Also, I loved his assistant and the whole aesthetic of the Riddle Factory. Although it got shut down, it would be cool to see more things like that in future episodes.

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