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New Girl is back and with a pretty significant time jump. Season 6 ended on a good note and it was an acceptable way to end it all, but when you’ve dedicated several years of your life to a show, you’re not going to complain when it’s granted one final season to really round things up.

Season 7 seems like it’s going to serve to give us a glimpse into these characters’ future and the opportunity to see them settle into the lives they were heading towards at the end of season 6. If this season closes up as well as the previous one then it’ll definitely be a fantastic end to an incredible series.

The time jump was something I didn’t know was going to happen prior to watching the episode, and at first, it did throw me but considering this is the last season it feels much better to be in the midst of this portion of their lives, as opposed to the beginning again.

The last time we saw Nick and Jess they had both realised their feelings for each other and, in the elevator at the loft, they found each other, confessed their feelings, and we found them making out in the elevator once it reached one of the floors. It was a pretty positive ending to a relationship that has been growing ever since the first episode. No matter how many relationships either of them got into, it was always clear that Nick and Jess were going to end up together, so it was a perfect way to end season 6 especially when there was no real indication if it would get renewed or not.

In this season we pick up with Nick and Jess as they return from the European portion of Nick’s book tour. They’re still happily together and in love, despite that split moment where Jess is walking with another guy and you think they might be a couple. Luckily, we’re getting no such drama, but with Jess’ ex, Russell, returning perhaps there’s still room for some drama to present itself.

With everyone around them assuming they would be engaged by now, it turns out that Nick is already planning to pop the question. With only a month to prepare it seems like we might not get that proposal straight away. That leaves plenty of time for more hiccups along the way, but hopefully, the time is just filled with lots of lovable moments and slight frustration on Nick’s side as he tries to find the perfect moment to propose.

Separately, we also know that Nick is continuing his book tour so he’s going to have that on his plate, while Jess is potentially going to be running a non-profit organisation set up by Russel. Hopefully, these things don’t get in the way too much and there’s not an over amount of drama to come, but this is a sitcom so we’re bound to get some.

Elsewhere, we have Cece and Schmidt who are now parents. The last we saw them they were expecting a baby. That admittedly was one of the times I cried in season 6 and was another perfect example of ending the show on a good note. Now, we get to see them as parents who are pretty much in the swing of things.

Schmidt is a stay at home father, although it sounds like he was originally planning to go back to work at some point, so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. It doesn’t seem like he will any time soon but giving it a shot, or at least contemplating it, could serve as an interesting storyline to watch.

Cece, on the other hand, is still working. She and Schmidt seem to have a routine down, and she seems to be thriving at work. It’ll be good to see her working life alongside her home life. Being a little family has to have changed some things so it’ll be fun to see what has changed for them individually, and also as a family unit.

It would have been nice to see Cece and Schmidt at the beginning of their time as parents, but it seems like we might get that with Winston and Aly. The fact that she is now 7 months pregnant means that we’ll probably see the birth, and hopefully the start of their little family. When we first met the characters of New Girl there was no way they were ready for commitment, especially not kids, so it’s exciting to think we’re going to see that happen now. With Winston and Aly, we get to experience the early stages of starting a family, while with Cece and Schmidt we jump right into it.

There was really little said about what was happening with Winston and Aly elsewhere. The latter seemed like she wasn’t dealing with being pregnant very well, but by the end of this episode, that’s already changed. So it really is going to be a bit of surprise to see where their journey goes from here. We’re likely to get a lot of pregnancy-related things, and preparing for family life. But in terms of their careers and other aspects of their lives, it’ll be fun to see what else is going on.

Overall, New Girl season 7 is off to a very good start. This TV show has to be, by far, one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those ones you can never really grow tired of. Every time I’ve watched it, I’ve laughed. It’s nice to know that it’s going to get an ending that can be controlled and done properly. There have been dips throughout the show’s lifespan where an episode here or there perhaps wasn’t the best, or a storyline didn’t land as well as it should have, but overall it’s been a great show and it really does deserve a good ending, so hopefully, season 7 delivers.

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