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For now, we have the ASA off Jefferson’s back, or at least it seems that way. We’re almost at the end of the season now, which means there’s not much time to round things up. Either the ASA still believes that Jefferson is Black Lightning or they’re just not going to get an answer to their search before the end.

When it came to Jefferson being arrested there were a few things I really liked. The first was that he kept trying to suppress his powers when it would have been so easy to Black Lightning his way out of this situation. The other is how we saw another comparison of how he and Jennifer are the same. We know that their powers are linked to their emotions. During the episode, Jefferson had to control his powers when he got angry, and in the school hallway when he was arrested, Jennifer had to control her powers when she was getting angry.

The last moment that I loved when it came to his arrest, was when those students blocked the entrance so that the police couldn’t leave. Black Lightning is loved by a lot of the community but it’s easy to forget that Jefferson is also loved and admired. It was a touching moment to know those kids were defending him because of all the good things he’s done and not because he’s Black Lightning.

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Henderson is slowly getting closer to finding out about Jefferson being Black Lightning. For a moment in the cell, when he’s asking why it would all be a case of national security, it seemed like he was about to find out the truth. It can’t stay with the Pierce family and Gambi forever, eventually, someone else is going to have to find out the truth about Jefferson.

As well as seeing them together, it’s always nice to see Henderson take action. The way he worked hard to find out why Jefferson was being set up and then how he arrested one of the crooked cops at the end. He clearly cares about his job and doing what’s right, so it really would be interesting if he ever found out about Jefferson.

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It’s interesting that Kara Fowdy is still loyal to Jefferson. With her working for the ASA and against Black Lightning, I wonder, if she ever finds out his identity, how will she react? Will that loyalty she has for Jefferson overrule her loyalty towards the ASA?

In this episode, when she’s talking on the computer, and they tell her that Jefferson isn’t her job, she has a somewhat negative reaction. She seems to be doubting their orders ever so slightly which could lead to a good twist if she was to suddenly change sides or become a spy against the ASA as opposed to for them.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work with the missing kids from 30 years ago.

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[The CW]

That final scene with Gambi and the Pierce family having dinner was so beautiful. It was good that them making up wasn’t so straightforward, that Jefferson could never forgive Gambi for what happened, but that they’re trying to move forward.

Also, Anissa and Gambi working together to get Jefferson out of jail was amazing. That whole sequence with the hologram was really fun to watch, and I love when they introduce things like new tech into this show.

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