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Again, Barbara’s side of the episode seems to be the smallest but based on the promo for next week, it seems like things are going to get more intense for her and the people around her so hopefully things will pick up from here.

This week we see Barbara has become somewhat acquainted with the League but there’s still so much she needs to learn, leading them to one of Ra’s’ houses and finding a vault filled with old artefacts and books. After seeing the painting of Ra’s and a woman who looks just like her, Barbara becomes even more fascinated, so much so that she picks her new found destiny over Tabitha.

Tabitha did mention Selina in this episode, giving the impression that although we haven’t seen the three of them together in a while, they’re still working with each other. This means that Tabitha isn’t going to be on her own with dealing with Barbara and the hooded men who helped her at the end of this episode.

We did, however, see Tabitha get injected with what looked like Lazarus water. Now, we’ve only ever seen it be used to bring people back from the dead or the version Ivy made. We’ve never seen, what we can assume is, normal Lazarus water be injected into someone alive.

It’s Bruce Wayne’s birthday! And it’s absolutely clear they only did this to establish that the Joker was born on Batman’s birthday. Something that I’m not going to complain about.

Although a small part of the episode, I did love the little birthday moments that we got. It’s so good to see Bruce and Alfred back on good terms again after everything they’ve gone through. We now have a Batmobile 1.0 and I love that it was given to him on his birthday by one of the people who loves him the most.

There’s also something very telling in their exchange. Alfred tells a story about how Bruce, on his 7th birthday, spent his time making a home out of stones for his new bright red wagon. Does that not just scream Batcave? The wagon has been upgraded to a proto Batmobile aka the kind of thing he would keep in the Batcave. They technically have the start of one when they found that secret entrance behind the fireplace back in season 1, they could just extend from that. Although it’s clear they’re not going to actually make him Batman any time soon, all of these little steps forward are so exciting to watch.

Sidenote, I loved the Bruce and Selina interactions this episode. The way she comes in out of nowhere and blows out his candles, and the entire time Bruce is just so happy that she was there for his birthday.

They keep putting different characters together and I love it! Although I do wish we had slightly more interaction between Mr Freeze and Scarecrow when they went to the chemical lab, I still enjoyed seeing them work together.

Those freeze bombs were so cool and I really want to see what else Mr Freeze has developed in his lab. A lab which is probably a reasonable size now that he has money. I do hope we check in on him more thoroughly at some point because it’ll be interesting to see what he’s done with it all. We also got to see another Scarecrow toxin too. Now that Jerome is out of the picture I wonder if we’ll continue to see the likes of Scarecrow and co again, especially now that there’s no reason for them to stay as a team. Unless Jeromes plans aren’t over yet and they move on to working with Jeremiah as part of it

I did love that they caused chaos in the chemical lab and then went to steal a blimp. It was only a matter of time before they found out that Oswald wasn’t 100% on board with everything, and it feels so good as a fan too because back in season 2 there’s a scene where Oswald watches Jerome on TV and he is far from impressed. Oswald doesn’t like chaos, he likes order, or at the very least organised chaos. Jerome and Oswald are two characters that were always going to clash, although it’s still been fun to see them together.

Elsewhere in the episode, we have Jerome who, with the help of Firefly and some of the Arkham inmates, has taken over a local music festival. There are four high members of society, two of which are the Mayor and the Commissioner, who are strapped to chairs with a bomb around their necks.

Jerome kills two of them before Jeremiah and Bruce show up. As guests of honour, they get to sit on stage, right in the middle. I did appreciate that Jim offered up his own life in place of Bruce’s, it’s easy to forget that these two do have a pretty close relationship and it would be nice to see more of it in future, even in little moments like that.

The Jerome VS Jeremiah content on stage was pretty fun to watch. The way the former kept teasing, trying to bring out that darker side of his twin. He kept pushing and pushing until eventually Jeremiah did try and attack him, although it didn’t work. Gotham did a decent enough job of letting us get to know Jeremiah so he wasn’t just an empty shell, but there’s still so much we don’t know.

I did love the interaction between Bruce and Jeremiah when they were trying to convince the latter to go and face Jerome. It is a shame that we might not see more of that interaction and instead see it as Bruce interacting with the Joker. We’ll just have to wait and see how different Jeremiah is once the gas he was sprayed with settles a little.

Things escalate from there and when Jerome’s remaining bombs don’t go off he makes a run for it, leading him to the confrontation with Jim on the roof. Now that we have Jeremiah it’s not surprising that Jerome was killed. The only issue I really have with Jeremiah being the Joker is that I wish we had a bit more build up, perhaps just a couple more episode. This is mostly because it feels like we got all the build-up with Jerome, who really wasn’t in very many episodes, and then they just handed it off to someone.

Imagine your running a race and you see the finish line up ahead, and then a runner who has been sat on the sidelines all along suddenly joins the race. They cut in front of you and pass the finish line, earning first place. In terms of Gotham, you are Jerome, the runner who cuts in is Jeremiah, and first place is becoming the Joker. It would have been so much better if you and the runner (Jerome and Jeremiah) both began at the starting line but the other runner (Jeremiah) lagged behind or started slightly later, but towards the end of the race they picked up momentum and passed by you (Jerome), winning the race.

Jeremiah didn’t necessarily have to be present from way back in season 2 or when Jerome came back in season 3, but a little more build up might have made it feel a little less like he cut in at the last minute. Regardless, I am excited to see where they go with this and we haven’t seen what’s going to happen with him, so hopefully, we do still get some kind of build up.

One of the other greatest moments of this episode was Oswald on that blimp. He just kept panicking the entire time and it was so funny to watch. The way he had to fight the pilot and then attempt to steer the blimp. This whole episode could have been terrible, but the scenes of Oswald on the blimp would have saved it.

Also, he’s in the promo pictures for episode 19 so they do eventually get him down from the blimp. I wonder if it’ll ever get mentioned again.

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