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Last week’s episode was primarily split up in a way that allowed us to see where each couple was in their lives whereas this weeks episode was primarily split up in terms of friendship. On one side of the episode, we had Jess and Cece while on the other side we had Nick, Schmidt, and Winston (with Ruth tagging along as well).

Cece and Jess get together to have an adults lunch. The former is happy to be getting away from parenthood for a little bit as she’s exhausted and hasn’t slept properly in a few days, and the latter is feeling underappreciated at her new job and is considering quitting right after lunch.

One of the most iconic scenes throughout this whole episode was when Cece recounted the time she had to use a breast pump in a meeting because her male colleague refused to change the time of it. It was great to see her call him out on it when he asks, in a disgusted tone, what the breast pump is.

Jess also recounts a time in which she kept coming up with ideas and solutions, but it was only when a male colleague said the same thing that any notice was taken. Between her and Cece they spend a good portion of the episode talking about how they’ve been left out of Tuesday meetings their entire lives, and how men have always been given the upper hand (or at least acted like they have the upper hand and are automatically the ones in charge).

Granted, they weren’t always necessarily right. When Jess storms in on what she believes to be a male-only meeting, it turns out it’s a support group. However, that scenes don’t undermine the idea the events talked about in their flashbacks. Those events are still very real and Jess and Cece were clearly disregarded because they were women.

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Elsewhere we have Nick who is struggling to think of a new story idea. When he presents the latest Pepperwood story to the publisher it’s turned down. Having reached writer’s block Nick thinks that he is completely out of new ideas so Winston and Schmidt set out to help him figure out what to write.

The entire time Ruth is refusing to go to sleep and every time she does finally fall asleep, something wakes her up. There are some mishaps along the way but eventually, when Ruth asks for a story it soon leads to Nick plunging into his life story. It actually fits so perfectly for Nick to write a story about himself and/or his life experiences considering this is the last season. It’ll be interesting to see whether it’ll be an (auto)biography format or a fiction story (based on true events).

Throughout this episode, and even in last week’s episode, we saw events that took place during the 3 year time jump in the form of flashbacks, so I wonder if we’ll also hear about things through Nick’s newest book as he writes it.

It’s been really fun to start off the new season catching up on where these characters are in their romantic relationships, but also in their friendships as well. With Ruth being a new character we’re already starting to see how she fits into everyone’s lives. So far we’ve seen some interactions between her and (Uncle) Nick, and in terms of writing she fits in so perfectly. The show is still the same as it was before, now we just have an additional character.

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