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It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw Tobias. Now he’s being brought up to date with the ASA’s plans to try and make the people of Freeland docile, and now they want to use Tobias to track down Black Lightning because he’s seemingly the only one who has powers and survived, whereas the missing 30 kids are all slowly dying.

The return of Khalil was unexpected. Of course, he would have to come back at some point but that entrance wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Jefferson seeing him on the street was interesting too. Khalil has definitely grown darker over the time that he’s been absent and there seems to be no sign of slowing down.

It was a little heartbreaking when Jefferson when to see Khalil’s mother. She wasn’t completely unaware, but she hadn’t spoken to her son in a long time it seemed and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it happening soon, although I do wonder if this will be a part of season 2.

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From the talk, Jefferson and Jennifer have it’s clear that she doesn’t fully understand the extent of everything. It’s not really her fault, she’s been kept in the dark for so long and she’s doing everything that she can to avoid her powers, she hasn’t had the chance to see how truly dark the people working at the ASA are. There’s never really been a reason for her to witness it first hand either.

She and Khalil do reunite and we see that he has what looks like an artificial spine. He’s able to jump off the roof without thinking twice and with no injury, meaning that whatever was done to him has probably enhanced him in many different ways, which makes sense because Tobias wouldn’t waste his time, he would much rather have someone on his side who could actually help him. Khalil being enhanced allows for that.

We also find out, when Lala goes to see him, that Tobias is planning to take out Proctor in order to ake full control.

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Jennifer is still struggling with having powers. Lynn is continuing to run tests on her, in the hopes of having many options. At the end of the day, it needs to be Jennifer’s choice. I can understand why Jefferson got upset, I can imagine how it sounds to him as a person with powers, but if Jennifer decides she wants to get rid of her powers or suppress them, and there’s a way to do that (that’s safe), then no one should stop her.

Despite this argument, it was nice to see that Lynn and Jefferson were leading to reconciliation. Things are very different now and there are more stakes. It’s not just her husband she has to worry about but also her kids. Her worries are probably still there, and they might never leave, but she’s not allowing it to get in the way and wants her family and life back.

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While the ASA continue to look for Black Lightning, Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi are still looking for the missing kids and are trying to do so before they’re relocated again, however, they’re interrupted by reports that Khalil, Syonide, and Tobias have attacked Garfield school in an attempt to draw Black Lightning out, and it works because he and Thunder both go.

Syonide vs Thunder was one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed.  The former was clearly not prepared enough and it makes sense because really no one knows that much about Thunder. She’s new on the scene, whereas people have had years to get to know Black Lightning and see what he’s capable of.

On the other side, we have Black Lightning against Tobias. The latter is wearing some kind of special suit which means that Black Lightning’s powers don’t work. During, when it seems like Tobias might be beaten, Khalil shows up and Black Lightning is partly injected with something that diminishes his powers and allows for Tobias and Khalil to take him down and they accidentally kill him in the process. Luckily Thunder shows up before Tobias can remove Black Lightning’s mask.

Throughout these scenes at the school Jennifer tries to use her powers to help her family fight, but it’s not until she’s faced with her father’s body that she’s able to tap into them and she uses them to restart his heart, which is even more amazing because earlier in the episode she seemed so happy at the idea of surprising her powers.

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[The CW]

They manage to escape the school but Jefferson still isn’t out of the woods yet. Gambi takes them to a cabin in the woods, some kind of safe house, and they do everything to cloak the place. At this point, the ASA has no idea whether Black Lightning really is dead or not because of all the mixed reports.


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