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The opening to this episode was such a New Girl thing to do and I loved it. At first, I couldn’t think of anyone who might have died. I was concerned that it would be someone important but as each person was shown and/or mentioned, it lessened. What I wasn’t expecting, was that it was Furguson the cat.

Everyone giving a speech or some kind of performance in memory of Furguson wasn’t the best part but instead, it was the fact that they were all willing to do it and that no one overly questioned the events.

This episode saw the return of two familiar faces: Aly and Coach. It feels like it’s been forever since we saw the former. It was really great to see her take charge and convince Winston that it’s okay to cry, declaring that she is the stable one in the relationship. She has been mentioned lately, but it was nice to actually see her again and to see her with Winston. I genuinely forgot how great she could be.

This episode marks the first episode Coach has appeared in this season. I was so happy to see him again, especially with this being the last season. The beef between him and Nick wasn’t entirely surprising but I, like Jess, was a little caught off guard when it turned out Nick lent $71,000 to Coach. It was less surprising, however, that the money wasn’t actually for a gym like Nick first thought, but instead was for a restaurant that went bankrupt. It was really fitting that the $5000 that Coach paid back went straight to buying another cat for Winston.

Considering it ended with Nick saying it had been 3 years since the last spoke, and that he just wanted to be in contact with his friend again, I do hope we get to see more of Coach this season.

Although the revelation of lending money to Coach led to Nick being more honest and open about everything, we know it would have all come out at some point because Nick is really bad at keeping secrets, especially big ones. The moment Jess told Nick that she killed Furguson it was clear he was going to be the one to tell everyone. It’s really fitting that the one secret that Jess keeps is such an extreme one and one that isn’t even true. Let’s be honest though, if Jess was going to kill anyone, it was bound to be a craft related incident.

Throughout all of this Cece and Schmidt have an ongoing discussion about how long it would take for her to move on after he died, and it was surprisingly cute. I really loved that Cece didn’t want to imagine a life without Schmidt, leading to the conclusion that he doesn’t like the idea of her being alone, he just doesn’t want her to forget him entirely.

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