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New Girl was a double bill this week and in this first episode, we see Aly and Winston choose a godparent for their child and they settle on Jess. Admittedly, I thought they would pick more than one person but Jess was my first choice and the one I expected to be chosen the most.

Jess trying to prove herself as godmother was hilarious. Firstly, we had that baby class with Winston because Aly is on bed rest. This is New Girl so of course something was bound to go wrong. In this case, the fake baby’s head falls off and Winston runs off with it. This, like in most New Girl episodes, leads to something a bit more serious, but still silly overall. Winston begins to freak out about becoming a dad and talks about maybe getting in contact with his own father. Jess tries to help out with this but ends up finding the wrong person and has to awkwardly tell the truth after the two have already bonded.

It was also hilarious to see Winston try to make the crib and later in the episode ends up destroying it by accident.

The godparent situation also led to Nick being adamant that he’s Ruth’s godfather, which apparently he’s not. He also finds out that Ruth doesn’t really like him, because of this he spends the episode trying to get Ruth to like him. First, he finds a giant, dirty teddy outside the loft and takes it round to Cece and Schmidt’s as a present. Throughout the episode, he tries to help Cece with picking Ruth up from school (which fails), and then later he is the person to get Ruth out of her armadillo mode.

While most of this is going on, Schmidt goes back to work for the first time. He leaves instructions with Cece who dismisses them at first thinking it’ll be easy, but it’s not. She forgets the code for the school gate and Ruth’s sandwiches. If Ruth doesn’t get her peanut butter sandwich, she’ll go into her armadillo mode where she lies down and curls up into a ball. When Cece calls for Nick he shows up but can’t get in, he attempts to get in by talking to a little girl and is found by security. When he and Cece finally get inside, Nick reveals that he ate some of it causing Ruth to go full armadillo.

While at work, Schmidt worries when he gets a phone call from Ruth and he leaves an important presentation to go to the school. He can’t find her and Cece left her phone at the school causing him to freak out. When he does finally track them down at the loft another crisis presents itself: they’re out of peanut butter. I love that while he and Cece are trying to figure out what to do, Nick manages to calm Ruth down and gets her talking again.

Cece realises that looking after Ruth can be hard. Schmidt tries to go to work again but receives pictures of Nick and Cece after they’ve had their make-up done by Ruth, this makes Schmidt come to the conclusion that he would rather stay at home and take care of Ruth than go back to work. The one thing I really loved about this episode is that it really highlighted how New Girl can put any two characters from the main group together (in this case Cece and Nick) and it’ll be entertaining and work incredibly well.


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