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At the beginning of the episode, we have Nick, Schmidt, and Winston hanging out, while Jess, Cece, and Aly hang out elsewhere. They’re all having the same conversation so the opening goes back and forth between the two groups, however, the details are different which I found hilarious.

Although they intertwine, we mainly saw each couple with their own thing this episode. With Winston and Aly, the former has been given the change to try a new type of glasses that will allow him to see in colour for the first time. He spends the episode freaking out as he finally sees everything he owns and the world around him in colour, and Aly is there along the way, helping him to experience as much as possible before he has to give the glasses back.

Some of this is experienced by Schmidt and Cece. After the latter reveals that she wants to try for another baby, Schmidt says their reservations at the hotel fell through and they end up at Winston and Aly’s place. Cece keeps suggesting that they leave and go to their second location but Schmidt is in no hurry to move on. He later confides in Winston and tells him that Cece was really mean to him while she was pregnant and he’s not prepared for that again.

Winston convinces Schmidt to tell her the truth, and when he does, she becomes offended. Aly is asked to back up that Cece wasn’t mean at all, to which Aly provides video evidence that proved she was mean but also that Schmidt was a “coddling, blubbering mess.” Watching those little videos on her phone was really funny and I still love all these flashbacks to the three years we missed thanks to the time jump.

All of this eventually leads to Cece and Schmidt realising that they were both a little unbearable. The former agrees to be less mean (and problematic) and the latter agrees to give her some space before the two of them decide that they want to have another baby. They attempt to get some alone time at the loft, not realising that Nick and Jess are still there, and are interrupted by Mario the dog.

All of this content was good but the best part of this New Girl episode was by far Nick and Jess. It’s his final chance to propose before the time runs out on his blessing from her father so of course, it doesn’t go exactly to plan.

Nick has everything planned out, but Jess has also received a phone call that they are eligible to adopt a dog, Mario. Through a flashback, we find out that they almost adopted one before but it was considered that Jess was too enthusiastic and loved the dog too much. Knowing this is important, and not wanting Jess to find out what’s really going on, Nick tries to make the two events work.

Eventually, he gets a dinner reservation so long as he can get there in half an hour. Without giving anything away, he tries to rush through the questions and documents, prompting him to answer a bit too quickly when asked who gets the dog if they break up. Jess sees this as him expecting them to break up because he answered so easily, because of this she cancels their reservation, not knowing what it’s about.

After the woman catches Schmidt and Cece in nothing but sheets and seems unimpressed by Nick and Jess, she says she’s taking Mario away. When Nick and Jess go outside to try and talk to her, Mario runs off. I love that when they find him, Nick tries to jump a hedge but instead trips over it.

At first, I was a little underwhelmed with the proposal that followed, but as it was happening I fell in love with it. Jess was right, the fact that there were all these plans that messed up was so fitting. They went through a lot to get where they are and a messy proposal is really fitting for them as a couple. It was even more fitting when (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life played in the background and the rest of the group were there to witness it. Also, it’s happened already which means there might be time for a wedding before the end of this season and that could be the perfect, planned out event.

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