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It worked really well that Nick and Jess’ wedding happened in the penultimate episode so we could focus on them all as a group in the finale. It was all made a hundred times better by the fact that it took place primarily in the loft. Quite a lot of New Girl has taken place there so it was really fitting that we got to end the series in the same space.

Nick and Jess are planning their future by moving out of the loft and it all becomes a huge event (naturally). I love that it all led to them reminiscing about the old times. Even though it started off as a bit of a pity thing, the flashbacks were really adorable and really highlighted each character and all the different relationships within the group. The fact that it was all rounded up by planning True American was incredibly fitting.

That super small flash forward was also really adorable and just the perfect amount. It gave us enough to know that they all stay friends, that they have more children (well, Nick and Jess have a son which we didn’t see prior to the flash forward), and True American is still a tradition. This little moment was a great addition to the episode and it worked better than if it was right at the end of the episode.

I love when the flashback ended it switched to present day with all of them standing on top of the last packed box. It’s actually a pretty long scene. First, we get the close-up and then we get a wider shot that shows them looking around the empty loft as they huddle together. It was a really beautiful moment that was perfectly still and quiet.

Of course, the entire episode ended as one giant, over the top plan from Winston. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I do love that despite it being a joke and Nick and Jess don’t actually have to move out, they all hop in the van and drive away. It’s a bit on the head that they’re driving away as the show officially ends, but I loved it.

This review is much shorter than most because the content was pretty minimal in this episode, however, it was perfect. It was all about the five of them spending some time together in the loft. There was nothing particularly grand about this finale but it was the right kind of goodbye for this beautiful and entertaining show. It was funny, had that ever-present sense of family, and ended on a pretty uplifting note. I’m going to miss this show now that it’s over, but it went out in the best way.

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