[Header Image: Kelly McCormack as Zeph, and Thom Allison as Pree | Syfy/Space]

So, we’ve still got Hullen Johnny for a little while longer. We’ve discovered a lot about his bond with the green plasma but there’s still more we need to find out. Firstly, Hullen Johnny is a bit of a dick. He does have that carefree nature that we’ve seen before, especially in the first episode of this season, but there seems to be a growing lack of empathy from him in regards to others. All he seems to care about is going full Hullen.

Johnny does sight throughout that he’s not only smart and good looking but strong now that he’s part Hullen. He also shows some frustration towards D’avin and he seems determined that things will be much better if he takes more green plasma. The only chance of stopping him seems to be Dutch and although he fakes wanting to find her in order to get more green, she still appears to him. He hears her voice, sees her, and towards the end, his hallucination of her shoves him. She is just as much his true North as he is hers.

Luckily, Johnny’s plans to get what he wants don’t succeed. It was clear that the brothers being delayed by the Warden’s men weren’t going to be too much of a hitch, but for a hot second, I was concerned that he really had killed D’avin. Johnny took the shot without any concern for D’avin, further establishing that frustration he’s been displaying all episode as well as suggesting that he will do anything to get more green plasma. It’ll be interesting to know, once we get our Johnny back, if any of this is fueled by genuine emotion. Does he really have that much anger and frustration toward D’avin? Or is it simply just the green making a bigger deal of something so tiny?

d'avin jaqobis john jaqobis killjoys 4x03
[Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, and Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

Elsewhere, we see that Kendry is back where they started only now she’s with the Warden and some of his men. Once again, we get to see her be underestimated and then kick some serious ass while heavily pregnant. It was also pretty impressive that it took several tranquilizers to actually take her down and even then it didn’t completely stop her.

Tied up and with the potential of going into labour, Kendry still managed to control her own escape as well as Bea’s. I loved that she used her ability to heal in order to trick the Warden into a false sense of security and then, with a bit of help, get him to admit all the things he had been doing on camera to pay off any debt and secure a way out for herself and Bea. The whole thing was made even better by the fact that almost immediately after, Zeph, Pip, and Pree show up and waste no time in arresting Kendry.

delle seyah kendry killjoys 4x03
[Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry | Syfy/Space]

The three of them working together to find Lucy and the Jaqobis was really fun, more so considering they were all Killjoys for the occasion. Thankfully, Pip and his Hullen spider didn’t cause any fuss this week but there was a moment when he saw the dead spider and his hand began to twitch. It seems more plausible that he is completely unaware of what happened to him because at that moment where his hand is twitching, it’s almost as if he’s beginning to remember something but can’t quite get there before Zeph says something to him.

Speaking of Zeph, we got confirmation this episode that she and Pip have been sleeping together. He seems to want a relationship out of it, even if he’s denying it, while Zeph, on the other hand, much prefers sex with little to no cuddling and no talking whatsoever. Regardless, the two of them work really well together, as seen when they wake the Hullen soldier and control him, so I’d also like to see their relationship explored a little more as well as their differing opinions towards relationships and sex.

It wasn’t too surprising that when Zeph, Pip, and Pree found Lucy there was a security protocol. Lucy may be a ship but she’s smart as hell and one of the best characters on the show. Everything she has done to keep Johnny (and D’avin) safe has been so well thought out and a pretty genius plan. I adore that the code to bring her back from her basic settings (and self-destruct) was the song that Johnny was blasting when Dutch found him onboard that first time. Before then it was hilarious to see the three of them try out their Dutch and Johnny impressions in an attempt to figure out what the code was.

pippin zeph pree killjoys 4x03
[Atticus Mitchell as Pippin, Kelly McCormack as Zeph, and Thom Allison as Pree | Syfy/Space]

By the end of the episode, we have everyone back together but things are far from okay. Kendry’s waters have broken so there’s that to deal with in the next episode. Johnny’s handcuffed aboard Lucy and Zeph says that his psychosis is getting much worse. I did love that Dutch came out of the green just in time to shoot Johnny before he could kill D’avin so at least he doesn’t have to deal with killing his brother once he’s back to being himself.

It is a little concerning that Dutch is completely fine but for some reason won’t wake up. At least she’s back and with everyone together again, it strengthens the odds of helping Johnny and therefore helping Dutch. With every episode that passes, I’m constantly reminded of how good this show is and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better.

Also, I think there should be a special shoutout to Pree who not only did an uncanny Dutch impression but referred to Lucy as “baby girl” and uttered the iconic quote: “Do not try me on for size, because this bitch be deputized.”

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