[Header Image: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Jaeden Noel as Jaq Kin Rit | Syfy/Space]

In last week’s review I said that it makes sense for Pree, Fancy, and Turin to team up to find where the Hullen soldiers and missing children went to and towards the end of this episode we got that.

Firstly, we see Pree’s bar is empty. I thought it was really funny that he refused to give Fancy a drink and then when he finally does, he demands to know where Gared was taken. Although there is no information Pree is willing to in all guns blazing to look for his husband which I loved.

Pree and Fancy interrogating the man leaving hand prints on the doors was something I didn’t think I needed in my life until now. The best part, besides them scaring the Hells out of him, was when they go to scan his hand but he believes they might cut it off.

That allowed them to bring the Hullen to them and get Pree captured so he can figure out where they took the children and Gared. It was such a relief when Fancy and Turin appeared to be watching everything and Pree wasn’t on his own, although I don’t think he was quite prepared for what he would be getting himself into.

These scenes felt like a filler preparing us for something bigger next week, especially now that we know the Hullen are on the RAC. That’s not to say they weren’t fun scenes, Fancy and Pree were such a great team up! The former is really serious all the time and has this deadpan expression 90% of the time, but he’s actually really hilarious. With Pree, it’s similar but slightly different. He’s usually a lot of fun but he has this dark, badass side that you might not expect. They play off each other really well.

pree fancy lee killjoys 4x06
[Thom Allison as Pree and Sean Baek as Fancy Lee | Syfy/Space]

The same could be said for Kendry. We didn’t really see much of her. She had food with the Boy who she names Ozzman Kin Rit. Now, he later calls himself Jaq, so I’ll be referring to him as that throughout this post because personally. I think it’s way better.

Anyway, the two of them talk and I loved that when they have to say goodbye, Jaq hugs her and she awkwardly responds. I adore that the show didn’t change her now she’s a mother. Despite having emotions again she’s still not very good at displaying them and she’s clearly uncomfortable when it comes to vulnerability and so on.

She mentions she’s leaving to return to Qresh because they need a leader, however, we later find out that she’s not actually going there so that will probably be something we pick up with in the next episode, or later, along with everything happening on the RAC.

jaq delle seyah kendry killjoys 4x06
[Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry, and Jaeden Noel as Jaq Kin Rit | Syfy/Space]

Moving back toward the team, Zeph is still looking for a way to save Pip. Thankfully, she figures out that the spider is controlling him and it really isn’t his fault. I really shouldn’t be surprised that we didn’t get a happy conclusion. Pip has definitely grown a lot and we see it in this episode so I’m hoping that they can find a way to save him.

The process of trying to kill the spider, even though it fails, was really good and surprisingly emotional. I loved that Pip was willing to be go through anything so long as it killed the spider. You could see how much he loves Zeph and how much he values her trust, but on the other hand it was clear that Zeph really does care about Pip too, maybe more than she first thought.

We especially get that when he wakes up and he’s no longer restrained. When he asks her how long he has left, she refuses to answer and she looks really sad. We can assume it’s not going to be for very long. I have to admit, I almost cried several times during their encounters and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it if they don’t find a way to save Pip.

zeph pippin
[Kelly McCormack as Zeph, and Atticus Mitchell as Pippin | Syfy/Space]

In the Utopia black market, Dutch and Johnny are using a memory retrieval field from a trader called Mano to visually access Dutch’s memories from Khlyen’s story. As suspected, there were other details like the logo on Joe’s badge being wrong.

We now know the female assassin is part of a group but it’s still unclear who they are or who they work for. Dutch and co are assuming it’s the Lady but I have my doubts on that one, it just seems too obvious. Plus, if that was true, surely he would have taken Jaq? But he was completely and utterly uninterested.

Later, he kills himself so that Dutch can’t get information which just emphasises that whoever he works for and what they do is really important. I definitely think Dutch has it wrong and those assassins will actually help. It is hard to tell though. Khlyen could have been secretive because he wants Dutch to take out the assassins without the Lady knowing, or he wants Dutch to work with them without the Lady knowing. Both are plausible but I do kind of hope it’s the latter.

dutch assassin killjoys 4x06
[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Shaun Benson as The Protector | Syfy/Space]

Throughout the episode, Jaq is trained by Dutch. She teaches him self defence and how to fight. I get why she’s taking it so far with him. Dutch spent a lot of time in the Green and growing up with Khlyen can’t have been easy no matter how beneficial his training has been. From her perspective, Jaq’s training being that extreme only has upsides. However, on the other hand, I do get why D’avin isn’t happy about his son being turned into a weapon.

There really needs to be a middle ground. Jaq does need to know how to fight, defend himself, and be aware of the horrible things that could happen around, or to, him. It’s mentioned a couple of times that he just knows things. At the very least they need to explore that, see if it’s something that he’ll struggle to control. Even if Dutch doesn’t train him to become an assassin he could still end up as a weapon due to his powers.

At the end of the day I think both D’avin and Dutch care about Jaq. Later, after he saves Dutch from the assassin (which first of all was adorable and Johnny looked like a proud uncle), there was that really cute moment when Dutch does agree it was dangerous but also tells him what a great job he did. I couldn’t stop smiling when she said he was a Jaqobis and Jaqobis men never let her down.

That’s already had a very big impact because its after this that he decides to call himself Jaq, short of Jaqobis. We can also assume it’s going to come into play later on when Dutch finds out that D’avin and Jaq have left Lucy. In fact, it seems like this episode is setting us up for some pretty emotional and action packed moments. It feels like all the different little stories are coming closer and closer together. I’m just kind of scared there’s going to be a lot of fallout before the bigger events (i.e. fighting the Lady) even happen.

[Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, Jaeden Noel as Jaq Kin Rit, and Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis| Syfy/Space]

Some other things:

  • Lucy found the spot on the map, so that’s one part of Khlyen’s code that they have. At least we know they’re not at a complete loss yet and there’s still some kind of hope.
  • Johnny giving D’av a pep talk about being a father was really cute.
  • Jaq is actually really funny and I quite like him as a character so I hope he continues to get as much screen time as he got this episode.
  • There was that flash to the Green when Dutch started to randomly bleed from her mouth. It seemed to be Aneela that it was happening too as well. They didn’t really do anything with that so I’m curious where that will go.

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