[Header Image: Karen Glave as Yalena Kin Rit, and Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela| Syfy/Space]

Can we please just give Pree and Gared the best couple award already? This entire episode was filled with such goodness when it comes to these two and I loved every second of it.

I’m really happy their reunion happened straight away. We see Gared attempt to fight two guys in his cell and when it seems like he might lose, Pree shows up and no one messes with Pree’s man. After he kicks their asses, he and Gared finally reunite properly. I couldn’t stop laughing when Turin interrupts them and Pree looks almost mortified, as it seems he’s completely forgotten that he had a camera in his eye.

Later, we get another iconic moment when Pree, after seeing Gared in a guard’s jacket, declares with a smile that they are definitely keeping those uniforms, and they even manage to hack into the security system (with the help of Turin and Weej).

However, it’s not all fun and games. When they first reunite, Gared says that he’s only been there for 10 minutes when it’s actually been 5 days. That look of concern that Pree had during this moment… I felt that. First, the Hullen mess with my boy Pip and now Gared. I genuinely think that no one is safe seen as season 5 is the last season so every time something mysterious or bad happens to a character I begin to worry more than I usually would.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 20.24.13 copy
[Gavin Fox as Gared, and Thom Allison as Pree | Syfy/Space]

We don’t spend too much time on what may or may not have happened to Gared and it seems like that is being saved for another episode. However, there’s more trouble ahead when Gared notices the missing children on one of the security cameras. Considering it’s how they ended up there in the first place, it’s no surprise that Gared tried to get to them and save them. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pree would have gone in all guns blazing with Gared if he had to, but he’s absolutely right, it puts too many people at risk.

While all of this is happening, Turin and Weej are watching and listening in on everything. I love how well they get on and the friendship that’s slowly forming between them. This is also the second time that Weej has protected Turin. Although slightly comical when he knocks Turin out, it was great that he went to the RAC alone, knowing that he was really the only one with a shot. It was really hilarious that it took him yelling like Turin to convince Gared and Pree that they were on the same side.

This whole ordeal meant we got Gared back but we also find out that the Hullen are being drained because their green plasma isn’t frozen. At least we now know how the Lady plans to escape and we can assume that Dutch and co will use a similar method to get Aneela out of the green so they can stop the Lady.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 20.31.58
[Patrick Garrow as Turin, and Ishan Morris as Weej| Syfy/Space]

Elsewhere we have Johnny and Dutch who are aiming for the pulsar that Khlyen left coordinates to. When they eventually get there they’re presented with a black hole instead and have to use all the power they have to make sure they’re not pulled into it. Luckily, it’s just a decoy to hide the pulsar and keep it protected.

Although Dutch and Johnny do get separated and deal with their own things, I did appreciate that they had time to discuss what happened with D’avin. Johnny is understandably mad considering he’s experienced being left behind before and Dutch is very silent on the matter, although her anger does come out when she’s trapped in the cryo pod later.

I do think there’s more to discuss in terms of how Dutch wants to train Jaq vs D’avin’s thoughts as a father but right now there are other things to worry about. Also, with things getting closer to the final showdown with the Lady, Dutch and D’avin will probably be forced to put any differences aside.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 20.33.20
[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis| Syfy/Space]

When Dutch goes off by herself, we finally get an answer to who the female assassin is and it turns out she’s not an assassin at all. I guess I never really expected her to be Aneela’s mother and Khlyen’s wife, Yalena Kin Rit, but then there was really no reason to suspect that she was.

We discover that Yalena was part of the nine (then ten) families and she went with Khlyen to find a cure for Aneela. We saw that he had a plan to destroy the Lady, however, in doing so it would kill both him and Aneela because they’re connected to the green. Yanela manages to convince him not to do it. Instead, she volunteers to go into cryosleep so if Khlyen fails to find another way, she will still be alive to destroy the green.

All of the interactions between Dutch and Yanela were really interesting. As well as finding out what Khlyen’s plan was, we also got to see a bond between them. Yanela gives advice to Dutch that she clearly needs to hear and we get clarification that Dutch thinks of Aneela as family.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 20.36.21
[Karen Glave as Yalena Kin Rit, and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch| Syfy/Space]

Dutch convinces Yanela that there’s still hope to save Aneela even though Khlyen is gone. After handing the canister over, Yanela goes back into the cryo pod, and Dutch just about makes it back to Lucy so they can leave. Later, after they’re clear of the black hole, Dutch and Johnny discuss getting Aneela out of the green so she can figure out how to use the canister to stop the Lady.

It seems like we’re going to see team awesome force reunite before that happens though. We know, thanks to the end of this episode, that D’avin and Jaq are heading to the former’s home planet but they’re being followed. It makes sense that they’ll reunite and then get the information from the Armada about the Hullen’s plan to make a pool for the Lady. All of this will help in getting Aneela but also in forming a plan to keep the Lady at bay until they can stop her for good.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 20.40.53
[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch| Syfy/Space]

Some other things:

  • All of the flashbacks with Khlyen and Yanela, Johnny and Dutch looking for the pulsar, and Dutch finding Yanela being intertwined to give a bigger picture really helped with pacing and the way we got to consume the information given.
  • I liked that we got that really small moment to show that Zeph and Pip were back on the Armada but they hadn’t told anyone what was happening.
  • Johnny and Lucy were really great in this episode. Their usual banter was there but it feels like it’s been ages since we got a good amount of it.
  • Weej is learning things so quickly. He went from suggesting that Gared and Pree don’t need saving to going in there and saving them himself. It’s clear that he’s been inquiring about a lot of things and it was really cute when Turin referred to it as “human school” as if he actually has been teaching him a thing or two.
  • Also, on the very first photo on this post of Pree and Gared kissing, can we appreciate the fact that the blood looks like a heart framing them?

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