[Header Image: Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela| Syfy/Space]

We finally find out where Delle Seyah Kendry is and what she’s been up to since she left. We knew that she wasn’t going back to Qresh, at least not right away and now we know that she’s been tracking down Khlyen’s safe houses in order to use to his research to figure out how to get in the green and what not.

Now that Aneela is technically out of the green, no doubt her knowledge will be mixed with whatever Delle Seyah Kendry has found out. However, with the next episode being the finale, they could either reunite and work together then or Aneela and co could struggle and right at the end, Kendry shows up with important information which will be used in season 5. Either way, I’m actually really looking forward to seeing Kendry and Aneela reunite again. I’m also curious to see Aneela’s reaction to the Jaq.

Leading up to getting Aneela back, more scars/markings appear on Dutch’s back. They figure out that it is Scarbacks’ language. This brings back Fairuza who tells Zeph and Pip how to read the markings and what it usually means. At a different point in the episode, Dutch ends up connecting with Aneela and gets the final message. It’s not until the end of the episode that she realises what all of the messages mean.

I actually quite like Fairuza as a character so I’m hoping we see her again either in the next episode or during season 5. At this point though it depends if they need her. With it being the last season they might not waste time on characters that aren’t important to moving the story forward, but we can hope!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.04.51
[Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry, and Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

As well as helping Dutch figure out her markings, Zeph is also still thinking about how to save Pip. At one point, Pip helps her to think and they find themselves having a pretty serious conversation. Zeph somewhat opens up to him and he suggests they find a middle ground between what she wants and what he wants.

I’ve said in a few different reviews this season that no one is safe. With the next season being the last one, anyone could die. That being said, I was not prepared for Pip. When Dutch, D’avin, and Fancy were all choosing who would sacrifice themselves I knew that Pip was going to volunteer. It’s been mentioned time and time again that it appears as if he’s trying to prove himself and at the time he was dying anyway. Doesn’t mean I was ready for it though.

First, it was his speech to justify why he should be the one to do it but the biggest impact was when he was saying goodbye to Zeph. She has always struggled to put how she feels about Pip into words. Back in episode 6, her emotional reaction to the fact that Pip was going to die whether they take the spider out or not, showed how much she cared for him. In this episode, when she’s begging him to come back you can see once again how much she cares for him. At one point she almost says it. It’s hard to know if it was going to be an “I love you” (although I think it was) but she was definitely trying to communicate what he means to her. There was also the fact that she said she would start to believe in magic if it brought Pip back to her.

By this point, I was already getting pretty emotional, incredibly close to tears, and then Pip asked Zeph to meet him in the middle. There was no stopping my tears then and it didn’t help that Zeph broke down crying in Johnny’s arms. Prior to this, we got another goodbye between them. When Pip convinces Zeph that he should go on the mission, she does accept his reasoning and they hug and kiss goodbye. Of course, at this point, she really expected him to come back. This first goodbye made their second goodbye way more emotional.

Pip’s death was really well done although if season 5 wasn’t the last, I would have liked to see Pip for a bit longer. I did very much appreciate how they handled his death as well as his speech when he made the decision and his goodbye to Zeph.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.07.33
[Atticus Mitchell as Pippin, and Kelly McCormack as Zeph| Syfy/Space]

The biggest part of this episode was trying to get onboard the Hullen controlled RAC. When they first try to do it, it results in one of the ships blowing up. I wasn’t as emotional with Weej’s death, but that was mostly because it was so unexpected. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to properly react.

The little explosion leads to the team finding out that there is a new Hullen shield around the ship. Johnny is able to temporarily connect with the green in order to bring the shield down. When he does, different teams go in.

Fancy and D’avin are together. They place bets on who can kill the most Hullen, but their main priority is to cause a distraction so that Pree and Gared can get the missing children out without being detected which they manage to do. They head back to Westerly but before anything else can be done, Johnny disconnects from the green and the Hullen do a hard reboot. This fixes the Hullen weapons and makes the Armada a sitting target.

This brings us to Pip’s sacrifice. When Johnny was connecting to the green he promised Zeph that once the mission was done, they would work together to save Pip and figure out the markings on Dutch. Although they never got the chance to do the former, I did appreciate that Johnny was the one to inform Zeph that he was going to sacrifice himself.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.10.02
[Sean Baek as Fancy Lee, Atticus Mitchell as Pippin, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

As we get to the end of the episode, Zeph makes the decision to take a break for a bit. She plans to give her information/findings over to Johnny. We also see that she blames Dutch because she is the one who brings people home. I really don’t see their fallout lasting forever. As I mentioned in my review for episode 8, when characters fall out in Killjoys it’s never dragged it out. However, there’s only one more episode this season and it’s a pretty big thing that Zeph is upset over, so perhaps we’ll have to wait for season 5 to see those two reunite again.

Another big thing at the end of the episode was Johnny making sure that he, Dutch, and D’avin forget where they took Jaq so his location will remain a secret. This works particularly well considering she ends up back in the green and they have to keep Jaq away from the Lady. Although, now Aneela’s back, hopefully, it won’t take too long to figure out how to get to the Lady and defeat her, so maybe Dutch won’t be in there for too long.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Hannah John-Kamen’s acting as she switched from being Dutch to Aneela? I am always completely and utterly blown away by her talent.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.14.59
[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, and Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis| Syfy/Space]

Some other things:

  • Jaq and D’avin saying goodbye was really cute. The way the latter is worried that he hasn’t packed everything that’s important and saying that he was just getting used to being called ‘dad’. I loved that they hugged goodbye and that Jaq and Johnny bumped fists.
  • Johnny’s concerns about Dutch and D’avin were great because he clarifies that he doesn’t care if they’re together (in whatever way that is) but he hates that they’re keeping things from him. He later tells Lucy that if he was going to be a third wheel, he’s glad it’s to Dutch and D’avin.
  • It was super cute when he says to Lucy that he’ll ride shotgun with her always and forever. Their relationship is adorable and I love that although she is treated as a ship, she is loved just like any person in the team.
  • Dutch and Turin arguing but showing they care for each other in their own way was really great! So was the entire team teasing him about his role as their leader.

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