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I think it is safe to say that December was a busy month and really put me behind on watching this episode of Riverdale. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was really fun and despite coming across a little like a filler episode it was still enjoyable to watch.

It was nice to know that Betty wasn’t as affected by her encounter with the Gargoyle King as she appeared and now we actually have some kind of answer to G&G and its origins. To be honest, I never really considered the idea that the game might have originated from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy as opposed to just being brought to them. It does make sense. We know how wicked the place can be so it’s not surprising that something so dangerous could grow from a place like that.

I did love seeing Betty save herself. Seeing her take charge to prove to Ethel that the King wasn’t inside the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and then figuring out that the girls were being used as guinea pigs and choosing to get the confirmation herself. Even trapped inside that horrid place she was able to find out what is going on in Riverdale. It was also fantastic to see her become the Gryphon Queen in order to convince the girls to escape as part of a quest.

Speaking of getting information, we also got to see Cheryl and Veronica team up to get information out of Penelope. Knowing that Hiram wants to control the whole of Riverdale isn’t too surprising but I guess I wasn’t expecting him to go to quite these lengths. It seems that he might have helped to induce these seizures himself (or with the help of someone) which is most likely what he and Hermione were arguing about when Veronica woke up from hers. It also makes sense now why they wanted to send Veronica to New York.

That being said, we finally saw Hiram with the Gargoyle King so we know for sure he isn’t the King but it’s now been confirmed that they’re working together. Now we just need to know that when he says “not God, Governor, the King.” did he mean himself or is her referencing the Gargoyle King? Is he the one in charge or is he working for the Gargoyle King? There’s definitely still a lot more answers we’re going to need when the show comes back!

[Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper| The CW]

On the opposite side of the episode, Jughead and Archie have made it to Gladys. They’re first greeted by Jellybean who can I say, was awesome! I really liked her and I also liked Gladys a lot more than I was expecting to. Even though they brushed over it, I do appreciate that they mentioned the time Jughead asked to come and visit but was told he couldn’t, and also the fact that he still wasn’t over being left behind when his mother decided to leave. I would have preferred more attention on these moments but at least they were acknowledged which was more than I was expecting.

It was also very clear that Gladys does love Jughead and that Jellybean loves her big brother. It was great to see the former go after Penny Peabody especially in part for scarring her son, and seeing Jellybean protect Archie from Penny was fantastic too! I do hope we see more of them in the future.

Those moments led to Archie going off on his own but I did adore that Fred was his ride out of there. If Archie wasn’t going to go back to Riverdale then at least he got to give his dad a proper goodbye. I really liked that he got to take Vegas with him so at least he won’t be alone. Something I do wonder is if Fred took Archie to the border does that mean he’s outside of Riverdale when the quarantine happened? I doubt he made it back in time considering FP and Jughead couldn’t so perhaps the three of them will team up and maybe even head back to Gladys for more back up.

[Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones, KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, and Trinity Likins as Jellybean Jones | The CW]

It would make a ton of sense to have a team outside of the quarantine zone as well as having people inside. Although I can imagine that there’s going to be a lot of chaos inside. Something else I’m curious about is the Farm. I always suspected they were in some way connected to G&G and hopefully we get those answers soon. If they are will that make things worse? Alice will most likely take the girls from Sisters of Quiet Mercy to the Farm and if they’re actually good, perhaps they can help to fight the Gargoyle King and Hiram. I still don’t trust the Farm but they might be a good source to help fight the evil in Riverdale and then be dealt with afterward. If they’re not actually good then Alice taking the girls to them could prove a bad move but perhaps she will wake up to the fact that the Farm is not as good for her as she thinks.

Overall, this episode answered a ton of questions and is definitely a bridge between what we’ve seen so far and what’s to come in the rest of the season. We seem to be moving on with the G&G story. What I really want to see from the rest of the season is Hiram being taken out, the Gargoyle King being unmasked, G&G being destroyed once and for all, and definitive answers about the Farm. I am genuinely looking forward to the rest of the season but hopefully the pacing is really good because this G&G stuff is getting a little stale already.

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