So, the quarantine didn’t last long. I was kind of hoping to at least see Fred, Jughead, and FP band together to try and sneak back into Riverdale when they were forced to stay outside. Where did they go? What happen? Was it lifted straight away? I do think the show rushed over it just to get to the post-quarantine world of Riverdale but as always, the episode was at least entertaining.

One group we follow this episode is the Serpents who have been in disarray since Jughead left to help Archie and the town’s recent quarantine. We find that Fangs has been dealing drugs and Cheryl and Toni have been robbing people. The Serpents need money so they don’t starve and Fangs, more specifically, needs help paying for treatment for his mother. Wanting to stop the Serpents falling into crime, Jughead declares that anyone who is caught doing so will be exiled from the Serpents for life. This leads to Fangs, Toni, and Cheryl all being forced to leave.

However, it’s not all bad news. Jughead manages to sort out a deal with Veronica. The Serpents will protect her (and her business) from Hiram’s Gargoyle gang at a cheaper price so that they can have a steady income. We also see FP get more involved with the Serpents again and Jughead is able to send a message straight to Hiram.

I get why Jughead decided to be so harsh and to exile people. The Serpents are falling apart and there’s a lot of disorder in Riverdale. I’m sure Fangs, Toni, and Cheryl will all be accepted back at some point. Fangs has already been given an opportunity to earn his way back in by going undercover and I’m sure more opportunities will arise like that. For now, I understand the position that Jughead is in.

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As I mentioned, Veronica does end up taking the deal with the Serpents but some things happen before then. While on a supply run, Reggie is attacked and while returning home, Josie is terrorised by a Gargoyle gang member. Veronica is going to be forced to pay 10% of her earnings to her father for protection but it’s after Cheryl and Toni steal from Hiram, that she forms the deal with Jughead. I loved seeing her do everything she could to not work with Hiram and undermine him. The more and more she steps away from her father and continues to see him as the monster he is, the more I appreciate it.

I also loved seeing her and Reggie! They have clearly grown closer and closer ever since Archie’s trial. I’m excited to see where things go from here. There’s no way Veronica would have gone there if she and Archie are together but they’re not at the moment. It’s going to be fun to see what could happen with her and Reggie before they ultimately break apart.

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While all of this is going on Betty is housing the boys and girls that escaped from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. She is working with Sierra McCoy to convince the Sisters to testify against Hiram. Of course, this doesn’t work and they’re all found dead toward the end of the episode. However, it does feel like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing more of the Farm. I honestly expected the boys and girls to be taken there straight away so it was no surprise that they did eventually end up there. We only just missed out on seeing Edgar and at the end of the day, the Farm can’t remain as this unseen place.

I’m guessing the Farm will be a huge step in defeating the Gargoyle King, Hiram, and the game, or at the very least help to provide more answers. I’m hoping they kill two birds with one stone by ending this G&G storyline and giving us answers to the Farm in one go.

[The CW]

The last person we follow throughout the episode is Archie. He’s in Canada with Vegas and is working out in the woods. He’s seen radioing someone who works there too (and who he seemingly reports to) and on a routine trip out he’s attacked by a grizzly bear. While he’s hold up in his cabin waiting for rescue he passes out. Archie then begins to imagine playing G&G with various people. During this, he faces off with the three people he blames for his current situation. First he protects Fred from the Black Hood and secondly, he kills Hiram before things go too far. In the end, he has to kill a younger version of himself because Archie believes he is the only one to blame for where he is.

That is kind of true. I do think the Black Hood and Hiram were big factors but Archie does have some blame. It’s nice to see him face that finally and hopefully he can begin to forgive himself and return home. I highly doubt he’s dead at the end. I don’t see Riverdale making that kind of bold move and even if KJ Apa wanted to leave, I suspect they would leave it open for him to return before making such a big decision. That being said, I’m interested to see what happens with him from here and if he returns home.

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