[Header Image: Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot | Fox]

This episode was split into two sections. One focused on Haven, the new safe place put together by Jim and the GCPD, and the second focused on Selina seeking out Jeremiah so she can finally get her revenge.

Lucius was right at the end of the last episode and people have been coming to Haven. It’s not just people who have nowhere to go but also people who were in other sectors that have decided to defect and go elsewhere. We see this, particularly with Oswald’s men. Since several gang members have been killed, the remaining ones decide to attack Oswald as they think he is to blame. Once again, we find out that Oswald isn’t treating his people very well so overnight they all leave him to seek refuge at Haven. To be honest, this was more of a matter of when and not if. It seems like time and time again Oswald is told about the ill effects his poor treatment and strict rules are having on his people and yet he does nothing. It’s really unsurprising but in true Oswald style, it’s everyone else’s fault and not his own.

Instead of killing one of the gang members who attacked him, Oswald uses him to bring the remaining gang members together so they can attack Haven. Are we really surprised that things aren’t so straight forward? Jim sends Harvey ahead to get some help from Barbara while he and his men use their remaining bullets to keep Oswald at bay. Eventually, they run out and the gangs take over. They lock up or keep an eye on the GCPD members and anyone who can fight back. Oswald gloats about how he’s winning but after disagreeing with the gangs and Mr Penn dying, Oswald is locked up too. This forces him to have to work with Jim and we were blessed with some of the best Oswald and Jim scenes we’ve had in a long time.

They continue to work together and eventually get Haven back. Oswald is even deemed a hero by some people and seems to get a lot to come back with him. After everything is settled, Jim takes away a lot of firepower and Oswald is free to go back to his own sector. However, he’s not quick enough and Barbara shows up. She wants to shoot him but Jim stands in the way. Before anything can go much further there are explosions from the buildings in Haven. I don’t think Barbara would have shot Jim. I don’t think she ever could, not even to get revenge. At least not in any way that would be fatal to him.

Now, the explosions change things. I’m assuming most, if not all, of those people are dead. There were also a ton of supplies that would have been destroyed as well. From the promo for next week’s episode, it seems like this was done to put Jim on the offence instead of defence. Oswald seems to be helping him, even bringing men and guns to the GCPD and fighting beside him. Either way, we’ll have to see where this all leads.

The other thing that happens this episode surrounds Selina and Bruce. She has been having nightmares and she comes to Haven to get information about Jeremiah. She finds out he’s in the dark zone where all the insane people are and that there are things worse than Jeremiah there. Alongside Bruce she travels there to find a church where Jeremiah is supposedly hiding out.

When they get there, they are spotted by a group who are going around killing people. They all begin to fight and honestly, it was so much fun to see Bruce and Selina fight side by side but also to see them together generally. It feels like it’s been forever. However, this fight is the first time that Bruce sees how far Selina is willing to go. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and she’ll kill if she has to. We see this same idea when they eventually find the church.

Inside, Ecco is looking for volunteers to prove themselves before they can meet Jeremiah. At the last minute, before Bruce can stop her, Selina offers herself up too. Ecco leads her and a group of people to an abandoned swimming pool and forces them to point guns at each other’s heads and pull the trigger. They all do it but we see that Selina has grabbed onto the gun and behind her and it can’t fire. The people who weren’t shot are allowed to leave and Ecco faces off against Selina, revealing she known who she is the entire time. This fight was awesome! I don’t really know how I feel about Ecco at this point. I liked her in season 4 when we met her and I do certainly like her now but there were just parts of her scenes this episode that I just didn’t care about. Hopefully, we see more of her because I would like for that to change.

The fight leaves Selina injured and Ecco gets away when Bruce intervenes. Deciding to go alone so she can’t be stopped, Selina handcuffs Bruce and leaves. I do like and understand Selina determination to find Jeremiah and kill him but I do hope it ends soon. At least this impulsive side to her that’s willing to do anything. She definitely felt very Catwoman this episode but her villainous side is very reckless and will most likely just make things worse for her. I’m excited to see the Catwoman who is willing to get her hands dirty and maybe even kill some people if she has too, but at the same time, she’s rational and calculated.

This was most definitely a filler episode. Parts of the episode leading up to Jeremiah’s return and other parts leading to Jim taking action. It also seems to be the start of the main villains teaming up to help and take back Gotham. All of that being said, I did still enjoy it. Things definitely need to pick up pace considering there aren’t that many episodes and it seems like that is about to happen which should allow for a very well paced and structured final season.

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