With season 2 right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put up a blog post talking about the 10 things I want to see throughout with the intention of revisiting it when the season is over to find out if I got any of the content I’m hoping for and discussing that regardless of whether I did or not.

Something to consider, this post contains spoilers for season 1 so if you haven’t seen it I would recommend clicking away but also, go and watch it! You won’t be disappointed. Also, the images in this post are from season 1 and the list is in no particular order.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

More of the Complex Relationship Between Beth, Annie, and Ruby


We saw in season 1 that Beth, Annie, and Ruby are not strangers to fighting and falling out. There were also plenty of times where they lifted each other up, made each other laugh, and were generally just there for each other. These women have a lot going on in their personal lives and now they’ve got this new crime life in common. I want to see more ups and downs. It’s always horrible when they fight but I think their relationship is so compelling because it’s not perfect but at the same time, when they fight, they often come back together again.

More Variety in the Jobs That Beth, Annie, and Ruby Do


The Canada trip was so funny (especially when Ruby accidentally shot Mike) and I just think it would be great to have more variety. I mean these women robbed a grocery store, stole from Nancy’s salons, and from the promos/trailers for season 2 it seems like drugs could be a big thing. There was also that job where they had to pick up the truck. It was a test but still, all of these are variations on just buying and returning items to get clean cash. I want to see more of that and more “big” jobs like the Canada trip where it was really simple but it took more time, or even something that’s quite short but takes more work and effort. Season 1 was a great set up but hopefully, season 2 will have more of a range and maybe even a little more focus on Beth, Annie, and Ruby coming up with ideas to make money.null

Beth and Rio’s Relationship


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely smitten with these two. Separately, they are fantastic characters but their chemistry is fire. I adore them together and I’m so ready to see where their relationship goes in season 2 especially considering how things ended in season 1. Not only do I want to see how that whole thing is resolved but I’m also curious for the more fun and intimate stuff too. Something I noticed during my rewatch of season 1 is that Beth stands up to Rio quite a bit and he constantly takes the time to listen to her. Sometimes he comes across a little dismissive but he often does give her the time of day when he really doesn’t need to considering they’re just in business together and he’s technically her boss in a lot of ways (or at least he sees it that way).

Think for example, of the scene in 1×05 where Rio says: “All right, so tell them I was hitting it. […] Oh, sorry, sweetheart. Tell them we’re making love.” Before that, he’s dismissive of her concerns about the FBI and he’s almost out of the car but when she calls him back, he actually gets into the car again and talks her through it. Sure, he’s still being a little dismissive by not taking the whole thing seriously but he could have very easily have told her to sort it out herself and left instead of indulging her in more conversation. Or an even better example is in 1×06 when they convince him to explain how he doesn’t get caught and he says “I flip my game” which none of the women understand. Now, he could have left it there but he doesn’t. He takes the time to get up and briefly explain a little. Again, he could have told them to shut up, gave them their cut, and left… He doesn’t. So, in season 2 I would love to see more of that. Beth has asked questions, and when he has his mind set on something she can often convince him otherwise or at least make him listen.

Rio is clearly impressed by Beth throughout season 1 and she’s not what he was expecting at all. I think she fascinates him and that’s why he’s always willing to hear her out and isn’t totally dismissive with everything involving her. Based on that, and what I’ve seen of season 2 trailers/promos, I wonder how their dynamic will change. He had the upper hand because he knew the business better and as we saw by the end of season 1, it’s not easy to take him down. However, Beth was good at what she did too and she’s a quick learner so will she be even more of a match for him this season?

Plus, I really want to see the two of them be soft, playful, and just sharing more of a variety of scenes.

More About Rio


While I want to see more of Rio with Beth, I also want more of him on his own. We get a really good sense of his character in season 1 but there’s so much left to explore. Of course, this show is primarily about Beth, Ruby, and Annie and their journies but I also don’t think the writers were expecting everyone to love Rio so much. It would be really great if, now that it’s clear how loved he is, that we got to know more about him. We know he can be tough and is incredibly resourceful but as much detail as possible would be deeply appreciated! (I mean, perhaps we could get his last name?)

Also, while we’re getting those extra details it would be nice to see a softer and more playful side to him. We did kind of see those in season 1 and from the promos/trailers for season 2, we’re getting so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I do want a lot more of Rio with his power and his guns and muscle and all of that but there’s clearly so much more there and hopefully, he’ll get even more focus and variety during this new season.

Rio’s Operation


I know, I know, another Rio point but this isn’t specifically about him but more about wanting to see his operation (and gang) a little more closely. I feel we might get some of this during the FBI investigation but will Beth see more? Or even Annie and Ruby? We know his work is successful (not always perfect but it works), he has loyal muscle working for him, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty if one of his boys flips. However, there’s no way he’s got a business that successful simply by using money and fear as motivators to keep those who work for him in line. Is his operation more like a family thing or does he not care about any of them? Little details like that could just add a little bit more to the overall plot as well as Rio’s character.

Dean’s Fate


Okay, put it this way. We end season 1 with Beth pointing a gun, Rio is there, and Dean is all beaten up from his car crash (and fighting with Rio). We know for a fact that she isn’t going to shoot Rio but what happens to Dean? After he lied about having cancer mixed with everything that happened throughout season 1, I don’t see Beth taking him back again. However, if she leaves him for good, what’s stopping him from going to the cops? I don’t think he would do it to hurt Beth but under some delusion that he’s protecting her. So will he die? She might hate him but he’s the father of her children and they adore him, so unless Rio does it I doubt Beth will. Will it be a long process where his fate is constantly changing? Will he be threatened into silence? I don’t like Dean but I am curious to see what happens. Honestly, anything could happen and I think that’s why I’m so interested.

Stan’s Career


At the end of season 1, Stan figured out that Ruby robbed the grocery store but we didn’t really get to explore it too much. We know that the two of them have a really strong relationship but they’ve also never faced anything quite like this before and it’s also different because Stan is now working with the cops and isn’t just a security guard. The thing I want to know the most is how is this going to work? Ideally, I want their family to stay together but it’s either going to have him quit his job and side with Ruby, leave her (at least for now) and not outright hand her in but pretend he doesn’t know anything, or he will try to turn a blind eye while keeping his job. The latter is going to be the hardest and if that is what they go for, it’s not going to be long before that ticking clock gets more and more intense.



I think a lot of us really enjoyed Eddie and one of my favourite scenes is when he does that favour for Annie and warns those three boys to stop pulling people’s pants down (aka stay away from Sadie). In episode 10, Rio tells Agent Turner that he won’t have much luck talking to Eddie. Based on this and earlier episodes, it’s implied that Rio had Eddie killed so he couldn’t speak to the FBI, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. Either Eddie will never be mentioned again and we’ll continue to assume he’s dead or he’ll come back and be a part of the second season. I honestly don’t know which way round it would be but I am hoping for the second half. (Alright, maybe I’m just being stupidly optimistic, I just really liked him, okay?)

The FBI Investigation


Regardless of Eddie’s fate, it doesn’t seem like the FBI has slowed down. From promos/trailers, it seems like they’re taking investigating Beth, Annie, and Ruby quite seriously. Most likely, the stakes have risen. I wonder how many how obstacles this puts up. Will there be a ton of close calls? Will this force the three to have to work even more with Rio to help keep the FBI away from all of them. I mean, Beth, Annie, and Ruby all have something to lose so it would be a big motivator and presumably, Rio would get sent down for a long time if the FBI actually got him so he’s already got that motivation to keep them away.

At the end of the day, the FBI investigation is going to give us, the audience, more information, it’s going to throw up obstacles to make things even more interesting and unpredictable, and it adds a familiar but also slightly different intensity to the new season.



In season 1 we find out that Sadie is trying to figure herself out, at one point Annie says, “She’s figuring out who she is.” in reference to Sadie, and Sadie at a different point cites the other kids wanting to know “what she is” as a reason for why they pull her pants down in front of everyone. According to this article: ‘Good Girls’ Among Shows With Young Characters Exploring Their Gender it talks about how Sadie was originally written as a boy but then changed to a girl when they decided to audition girls. However, Isaiah Stannard who plays Sadie (seemingly) identified as female at the time but later told them that he was using he/him pronouns. After all of this, they ended up with the character of Sadie who, according to the above article, was written in as gender non-conforming character.

I loved seeing Sadie’s journey and now she’s in a school where she has friends and can enjoy her time, perhaps she’ll finally figure out who she really is now that she’s able to fully express herself. I’m confident the fact that she’s gender non-conforming will remain a factor. I don’t know if her “figuring herself out” will lead to her realising she identifies as male or as gender-neutral or anything else. That’s something that could potentially become a discussion in season 2 regardless of what the final outcome is. For now, she doesn’t dispute being referred to as a girl, she/her pronouns being used, or being called Annie and Gregg’s daughter but that might change. I think seeing Sadie question these things or simply finding a way to express herself that makes her happy and feel the most herself is the important thing.

All of that being said, she’s just such a wonderful character and Isaiah Stannard is such a fantastic actor, who I’m sure we’ll see in many more things! Beyond her identity, I would also love to just find out more about Sadie. We can already tell she’s a very mature and sweet kid who adores her mum and some of her interests have come to light but to see her in an even more three-dimensional way in season 2 would be awesome!

And there we have it, 10 things I want to see in season 2 of Good Girls.

To be fair most of these will happen due to the continuity of the show but I’m curious to see how they all play out and if it’s what I envision. Either way, if this season is anything like season 1 it’s going to be amazing and I’ll have a great time either way.

Do you have anything you want to see in season 2? I’d love to hear about it!

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