[Header Image: Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, and Trinity Likins as Jellybean Jones | The CW]

In this weeks episode, we see that Archie is training with Tom Keller and while at the gym one day, he agrees to fight one of Elio’s best fighters. At first, he plans to throw the fight but then decides against it. It’s a risk because changing his mind means that Elio’s fighter might try to kill Archie instead of just knocking him down. The fighting gets more and more intense but luckily Archie manages to keep things going until the bell rings. He doesn’t win the fight but at least he wasn’t killed in the ring either.

The problem I have with Archie and his storylines is that they’re always hit or miss. They’re either incredibly well done and he’s enjoyable to watch or they’re the total opposite. Don’t’ get me wrong, KJ Apa is a fantastic actor but considering he’s meant to be the main character, it’s a shame the content is so all over the place.

[Martin Cummins as Tom Keller, and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews | The CW]

Alice takes another step and decides that she is going to be baptised into the Farm. With Betty’s suspicions, she investigates further and uncovers a list of people who have run away from the Farm. She manages to meet up with one of them to discuss why and during the conversation, she finds out that the dangers of the Farm really start with the baptism. Afraid of what might happen, Betty rushes off to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. When she gets there she finds Alice is being submerged under water by Polly. They get her out but she’s not breathing and luckily Betty is able to give her compressions and Alice wakes up.

Back at the house, Betty tries to get ahold of the woman she had been talking to so she can convince Alice of how dangerous the Farm is. Although she can’t get through, she still tries to persuade Alice by telling her that Polly and the Farm tried to kill her. It’s really no surprise that Alice doesn’t believe her and I’m kind of getting sick of it. They really need to change gears because this does not feel like my favourite character. So many things have happened that should have pushed Alice out of this daze and made her see what is going on. I’m hoping when we meet Edgar and see more of the Farm it’ll all make a little more sense but I’m honestly just waiting for them to give us back the Alice we had prior to this whole Farm situation because right now it feels like she’s taken several steps back in her character development.

Also, I’m curious to see if Betty does go to the Farm with Alice. We’re going to be meeting Edgar soon and it would make a lot of sense if Betty faked being interested in the Farm just to get close to them and find some answers. Failing that, I’m guessing she’ll move in with Jughead or something else. At this point I don’t see Alice disputing it, she’ll clearly pick the Farm over Betty. And, if Betty does go to stay with Jughead, I wonder if FP will say anything? Other than a couple of times, we’ve hardly seen FP and Alice together this season and I know his family is back but he doesn’t seem to be questioning this Farm stuff either which makes zero sense to me.

[Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper | The CW]

Really the only other thing that happened was with the Serpents and the Pretty Poisons. The former is getting smaller as the girls are defecting to the other gang. In order to try and keep numbers, Jughead does try to go to Toni and convince her to return but she won’t unless she can be Queen. Don’t get me wrong, I do think she’s eligible and would be a great leader but in a lot of ways so is Betty. Her mother was a Serpent and it’s not her fault that she never knew that connection until fairly recently. I also think if the Farm wasn’t such a big worry, Betty would constantly be involved with Serpent life and helping out Jughead. Also, I know it’s not her style but I would love if the show had her wearing her Serpent jacket more.

Regardless, Jughead doesn’t convince Toni to come back so he goes to the Ghoulies to see if he can recruit them considering Penny isn’t around at the moment. They seem to be incredibly deep into G&G and they claim that Jughead is not a leader. Later, however, Gladys convinces the Ghoulies to change sides and honestly, I thought she was only planning to hurt FP with her plans but it’s looking more and more like Jughead won’t be collateral damage but intentional. I mean, this whole Ghoulies and Serpents thing isn’t going to end well.

It doesn’t help that the Serpents are already at odds with the Pretty Poisons especially after Chery and the girls beat up Sweet Pea and Fangs. I wanted the two gangs to work together and maybe the Ghoulies becoming part of the equation might actually push them back together again.

[Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, and Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz | The CW]

Beyond that, Hiram has become suspicious about the going-ons of his business and money since being shot and works out a thing or two. Veronica is left owing money to Gladys and spying on her father while also owing money to him as well. I don’t think there was anything too interesting here, more a step to push the story forward so I’m reserving any and all opinions until we get a little more.

That being said, this episode was kind of boring. I really need this season to switch things up soon. The Farm should have been properly brought in ages ago, G&G is somehow still a thing but not really, and it always feels like too much is going on but at the same time, nothing is happening. It’s a shame really because season 3 had so much potential and at least as of late, it’s not really living up to it.

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