[Header Image: Jordan Connor as Sweet Pea, Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones | The CW]

I love how this episode started with Alice showing off her house to potential buyers. It was so uplighting and happy-go-lucky. She was clearly adamant that it was going to sell so she could go and live her life with the farm permanently. She does everything she can to make her house seem like the perfect place to raise a family but Betty isn’t having any of it.

It was hilarious to see her bring up the horrid things that had happened in the house in order to put buyers off. While there’s really no need for Betty to be as attached to her house as she might have been thanks to all of the horrible things that have happened, I get her not wanting the sale to go through. There’s still some good memories and having the house means that she and Alice won’t move to the Farm indefinitely.

But either way, Betty is still determined not to go whether the house sells or not. Jughead, Veronica, and Archie all offer her somewhere to stay so she doesn’t have to go to the Farm and at the very end of the episode, she sets her house on fire before going to meet with Jughead, Archie, and the Serpents, signifying that she will most likely remain with them instead of going with her mother. Something I’ve wanted since Jughead became in charge and made her his Queen, is to see Betty more involved with Serpent activity and to wear the jacket more, hopefully, we’ll get that now.

[Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper | The CW]

However, before we get to that point, we see that Betty’s suspicions of the Farm are growing ever more as she continues to look into them. As we saw previously, Kevin has joined them and throughout her investigation, Betty finds him and the other Farmies holding their hands above bunsen burners and then later, in the woods, she sees Kevin about to walk over some hot coals. More than ever, Betty is determined to take the Farm down and show everyone what they’re really like. After what she sees in the woods, she writes an article that outs the Farm as a group doing cult like activities knowing full well that certain people, including Tom Keller, will believe it. But are we really surprised that it doesn’t go to plan? Both Evelyn and Kevin threaten to reveal that Alice killed someone and Betty, Jughead, and FP helped to cover it up which we all knew would come back to haunt them the second that Alice revealed that information but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

There’s nothing Betty can do. In an ideal world she could tell Alice that the Farm are willing to throw them all under the bus to protect themselves but most likely, considering how deep in she is, Alice would do something drastic and defend the Farm. We really do need to get a move on with this storyline. Not too long ago, it was announced that Chad Michael Murray will be playing Edgar Evernever and the Farm most recently moved into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy so there’s clearly plans for progress to be made, however, it’s already a little stale. We’ve known about the Farm for ages but yet it always feel like nothing has happened at all.

[Zoé de Grand’Maison as Evelyn Evernever and Casey Cott as Kevin Keller | The CW]

While all of this is happening, we find that Archie, in exchange for using the gym, is closing up at night and essentially being a janitor. One night, when Josie comes to meet him, they hear a noise and find a homeless kid called Ricky hiding out. He claims to have been branded at his last children’s home and has been running from a gang who is trying to kill him. It turns out that he has the same marking as Archie which makes him a sacrifice. Wanting to help, Archie lets Ricky stay with him and over the course of the episode he takes care of him and makes plans, along with Fred, to find Ricky a safe home with people they trust. Seeing Archie be a complete and utter dad to Ricky was the cutest thing, and I felt myself liking Archie more this episode than I have in recent times, it’s just a shame that it didn’t last.

As we discover, Ricky is actually Joaquin younger brother and he has a tendency for violence. He, himself, is playing the game and was tasked with finishing the job of killing Archie. It seems like the game of G&G isn’t over and Archie still has some things to worry about. Similarly to the whole Farm storyline, the G&G one really needs to step up its game or end. It just feels a little messy at this point.

[Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews | The CW]

Mixing with Archie’s storyline, is the Serpents. They’re not doing too great since the Gargoyles have done very little to get involved and there’s tension between the mixed gangs. The Gargoyles member, Kurtz, is the worst of them but by the end of the episode, we see him leave. However, there’s a lot of work to get up to this point.

The Serpents members VS Gargoyle members takes a turn for the worse when the latter decide to drop Fangs from a great height for being a spy. Luckily, Sweet Pea and Jughead break his fall but it’s an incredibly close call. At one point in the episode, Jughead rounds everyone together to help Archie find Ricky after he runs away to hide from some gang, thanks to this and a conversation with FP, Jughead realises how he can give the Serpents a new purpose to keep them focus and driven.

I am so curious to see how it’s going to pan out with them working for the Sheriff’s department. As stated in the episode, they are incredibly good at being task focused and getting things done so I’m sure it’ll be a great partnership but it’s all brand new territory which means there’s plenty of room for things to go wrong.

[The CW]

The last thing to happen within this episode is Veronica and her speakeasy. She’s being pushed from both sides by Gladys and Hiram who are both making business tricky for her and swanning around the speakeasy like they own the place. Business is actually looking up for Veronica as she finds a way to turn it into a secret casino (I loved how everything hid away and made the place look completely normal), however, the presence of both Gladys and Hiram is just spoiling the atmosphere, which could result in loss of business eventually. To combat this, Veronica hires the Pretty Poisons as muscle which seems to work. She still plans to pay off her debts while refusing entry to both Gladys and Hiram.

Speaking of the Poisons. They also have a confrontation with the Gargoyles but beyond that, we mostly see that Toni and Cheryl are at odds. They clearly don’t see eye to eye on every aspect of running the Poisons but at the end of the day its Toni who is in charge. Presumably Cheryl is her Queen (like how Betty is Jughead’s) she should get a bigger say than just the average member but most often than not, Cheryl acts like she is the one in charge. The two of them fighting seems so pointless and the Pretty Poisons would be far more interesting if the two were a united front.

All of that being said, there were definitely some enjoyable things about this episode but considering their two main pulls (the Farm and the G&G storylines) are so stale at the moment it’s hard to praise Riverdale too much. Hopefully, as I said before, things will begin to pick up.

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