I feel like I’m the only person who wasn’t completely blown away by this musical episode but that’s not to say there weren’t good moments because there were. Some fantastic ones even. Like the previous musical episode, they jump into things fairly quickly and they both serve as fun episodes to watch.

I actually don’t know too much about Heathers: the Musical so I can’t really speak to how Riverdale‘s used it but I will say that the music we heard was catchy and fitted in really well with every scene. It never really felt like it was overused or that they were just trying shoehorn in songs where they didn’t need to be. Similarly to the previous musical episode, everyone was great at singing. We had some new voices this time around too but every single person was a genuine pleasure to listen to.

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Beyond the musical side, we have a lot of focus on relationships. I didn’t fully realise how much I’d missed seeing Jughead and Betty together until this episode. After seeing them work together a little last week, I was hoping it would continue on in this episode and I wasn’t disappointed. Their best scene by far was when they decided to burn down the old Jones trailer. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them sitting in the car, casually hanging out and watching the trailer burn down in front of them. It was such an awesome shot and it actually worked really well that it was already on fire when we picked up with them. There’s definitely going to be a ton of fallout for what Jughead and Betty did but I’m also sure that Gladys had a back-up plan in case something like this happened, although with her husband being the Sheriff, maybe she was confident that she didn’t need a back-up plan. Still, it was a fairly happy episode for Betty and Jughead in the end. While there were some not-so-happy moments, like when he found his mother had turned his childhood home into a drug den, things were pretty positive for the pair.

And they weren’t the only ones. Last week we saw Toni and Cheryl fight and seemingly break-up. This week they’re constantly up against each other but after a lot of tension, Toni shows up to Cheryl’s and they finally talk it out. I really did think their fight was pretty pointless last week and I’ve not liked how Cheryl’s character development has taken several steps backward but I hope this is going to put a change to it. It was so great to see Cheryl talk about what love has been like for her and the duet she does with Toni at towards the end was one of the better musical numbers of the episode. Hopefully, this will make the two of them stronger and we can go back to actually seeing Cheryl develop as opposed to going back to who she was before.

While the two of them made amends, we actually did see a break-up this episode with Hermione and Hiram deciding to split up after he finds out about her selling the drugs and trying to kill him (twice). After everything that’s happened with the Lodge family, I’m surprised it took this long for the pair to split up but I’m more surprised that it was this easy. I’m sure there will be tension between the pair of them, especially now that Hiram knows the truth. In recent episodes we’ve seen Hermione go a bit darker as well so I’m intrigued to see any fight between them.

While the bulk of the episode did follow relationships, we also got a long overdue introduction as we meet Edgar Evernever. Throughout the episode we get more content of the Farm as Evelyn helps to produce and direct the musical. Betty continues to be suspicious, thinking there are ulterior motives, and then later, she goes to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to see some kind of ceremony taking place with Fangs and Kevin, resulting in the pair kissing. I’m oddly confused by this and I really hope it isn’t glossed over too much in the upcoming episodes because we saw it from a distance, there’s definitely a lot of missing detail. Regardless, with every new detail we get, the Farm just seems stranger and stranger, but the best part was right at the end. Everyone looked so uncomfortable as Edgar and members of the Farm stood up and started clapping in that slow, deliberate way. Normally it’s just Betty trying to take down the Farm and suss them out but after that ending I’m wondering if the other teens, and even the parents, will get more involved.

Overall, it wasn’t an awful episode by any means. There were a lot of really important details and the episode was a ton of fun but like the previous musical episode, it felt more like a filler, a way to bridge a couple of gaps and set the stage for something new. While it might not be a favourite for me, I was entertained throughout and having these types of episodes now and then could be a fun little thing for Riverdale to do.

One thought on “Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16: ‘Big Fun’ Review

  1. Great review as well!
    Like you, I laughed so much as the scene of Betty and Jughead sipping on milkshakes (I presume) and watching the trailer burn down. That was hilarious.
    I missed Bughead sooooo much!
    Choni’s fight was so incredibly pointless and it was done because they needed conflict for the musical episode, so Vanessa could sing and they could to the Candy Store song.
    The Kevin/Fang thing… I love them together (although I still miss Joaquin, despite all the terrible things he did) but that was weird.
    Anyway, we’ll have to see where the show takes us!


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