Finally we got to properly see Edgar Evernever. At the very end of last week’s episode we saw him stand up and clap the final performance of the musical along with various members of the Farm. This week, we get a little more. With the Farm having an open house, people are welcome to visit to find out more and even take little interviews with existing members to find out how to join up.

Betty goes to the open house with Veronica but doesn’t really find out much at all, however, she is able to convince Cheryl to go in wearing a wire. It’s during her two visits that we really see Edgar. He’s definitely as charismatic as I thought he would be but it’s also crystal clear that he can’t be trusted. When Betty snoops around, taking the confession tapes of Alice and Polly, and finds out one of the Farms biggest pulls, Edgar agrees to sit down with her.

[Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Evernever | The CW]

Betty wants to know everything about the Farm, starting from the beginning, but the more interesting part to me is that we see Edgar’s charming front finally drop. He points out that he could have copies of the tapes and he clearly doesn’t have time to pretend or entertain Betty, it’s straight to business. I’m definitely interested in finding out as much as possible about him as the season continues. There aren’t too many episodes left and it does feel a little late to finally be focusing on the Farm and Edgar but I have everything crossed that it does pay off.

Speaking of the Farm, the big pull that Betty finds out about is that members are being allowed to talk to their dead love ones. In this episode Cheryl claims to have seen and spoken to Jason and Alice confirms that the same has happened to her but with Charles. I’m guessing it’s going to be a similar thing to what happened in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy where the Sisters drugged patients and then locked them in a room where they hallucinated the Gargoyle King. I’m curious to know if it would work on Betty because while she did hallucinate the King at first, she was also the first patient to see that it was just a statue and to work out what was really happening.

[Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper | The CW]

While all of this is happening, the Serpents are still trying to stop Gladys’ drug business. Honestly, her behaviour doesn’t surprise me at all. This is the same woman who firstly, left Jughead behind and secondly, refused to let him come to see her in an earlier episode. I’ve never believed she had Jug’s best interest at heart and I wished I was wrong but I’m clearly not. Now, I’m not going to pretend that FP was always the best father because he wasn’t. He had to earn that but he over time he has. FP has changed so much over the course of the show and so, by that logic, Gladys can as well. However, for now she’s in that stage of not being the best mother in the entire world. I’m interested to see where her drug dealing business will go and if it will be revealed to everyone.

Speaking of, I am concerned about FP finding out. At this point I’m doubting that he will believe Jughead. He’s not going to want to believe that his wife is the person bringing drugs back into Riverdale and there’s also the chance that he could push Jellybean away. I don’t think he would side with them to hurt Jughead or anything but simply to keep his family together and to not loose them all over again. Picking the lesser of two evils if you will. I’m hoping I’m wrong but for drama and tension purposes, I can see the writers going down the route of FP not believing Jughead’s claims. Regardless, it’s all going to come to blows eventually.

Also, are we just not going to mention what happened between Fangs and Kevin last week? It seems like they were becoming a thing and/or Fangs was joining the Farm but this week he’s running around with the Serpents like nothing happened.

[Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones | The CW]

The last couple of things with really any kind of significance, follows Archie and Veronica. The former gets a phone call from his old Juvie and it’s Mad Dog on the other end. A lot of the inmates are being transferred to Hiram’s new prison where they will most likely be forced to take part in the fight club again. However, Archie is able to get him and some other inmates out with time served. Seeing them all in the gym together and then later helping the Serpents was interesting. It was really great to see Mad Dog again and now he’s out, I’m sure we’ll see more of him. While he is working for Elio, I wonder if the other inmates will be involved with the start of Archie actually doing something substantial with his gym. Although it might have to wait a little longer as one of the inmates, Baby Teeth, was found dead in one of those G&G rituals. Just when you think G&G is dying out, it always makes a comeback.

While Veronica does help Archie to free Mad Dog and co, she is more focused on her parents. They are still fighting and Hermione is terrified that she is going to be killed now that she doesn’t have Hiram’s protection. Throughout, Veronica does everything she can to get them back together but by the end of the episode Hiram fixes it so that their marriage never existed but Hermione still remains under his protection. To be honest, I don’t really think much about this right now but it’ll be entertaining to see what happens from here. Her being the mayor was always beneficial so, in order to keep his protection, will she have to do more shady things for him? And although he has kept things from her in the past and not always had her in the loop, that’s going to happen even more now. I’m guessing there’s going to be some tension and I’m interested to see when and how that explodes.

That being said, as a whole I didn’t really think too much of this episode but I did enjoy getting to see Edgar in more detail (with more to come hopefully) and seeing the Serpents work through getting rid of the drugs and the Gargoyles was really fun as well. With storylines being a little all over the place and the pacing/structure being slightly off, I can’t even begin to predict where things are going to go in these last few episodes but I am certainly curious to find out.

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