[Header Image: Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | NBC]

Another week, another episode of Good Girls for me to loose my mind over. This show is genuinely so good and it seems to get better with every week that passes. It’s always so well paced and beautifully structured to the point that waiting every week really is painful.

I absolutely adore that this episode started with Stan and Ruby and more than that, she told him about getting rid of Boomer’s body and he took is surprisingly well. Naturally, he did freak out and he made Ruby go through what happened over and over again to see if he could pinpoint any flaws, but that was all so naturally Stan and considering how badly he took the grocery store robbery, this was a huge change!

Throughout the episode, Stan keeps an eye on the search to find Boomer’s body and relays information to Ruby (and therefore Annie and Beth). I’m a little surprised that Turner didn’t know about Stan before now. I mean, it just highlights that he’s more interested in taking down Rio and Beth but thanks to Boomer, he must have known about Annie as well and even if they didn’t know Ruby’s name at first, it can’t be too hard to find out. My guess is that Turner just didn’t care or maybe the writers just took artistic license to make for a more dramatic and drawn out story. Either way, it’s not looking good for Stan as Mary Pat reveals that he’s a cop as a way to justify why no body was found and things are bound to just get more and more intense from here.

[Retta as Ruby Hill and Reno Wilson as Stan Hill | NBC]

It does take a moment but the ladies eventually realise that it must be Mary Pat who is talking considering she’s the only other person who knows about what happened to Boomer. Needing a little helping hand, they turn to Rio in the hopes that he’ll get rid of the problem which he does agree to but only in exchange for 200gs. Something that’s always so impressive about the Beth, Annie, and Ruby is that no matter what situation they get themselves into, they don’t rest until they’ve found a way out of it. I can’t begin to tell you how satisfying it was to watch Dean look on miserably as his precious cars were sold for a fraction of their worth so they could raise the money. Some more secrets come out about Dean this week so everything that happens to him, he really deserves it (not that he didn’t before).

This episode sees the return of Amber, his old secretary whom he had an affair with, and it’s shown that she is the main source of getting cars for the dealership but she refuses to sell to Dean. This leads to one of the most hilarious scenes as Beth, Annie, and Ruby go to visit her in the hopes of getting her to sell to them instead and it’s then that they find out that Dean cheated on Beth with more than just Amber. But, I mean, are we really surprised? The worst of it is that it happened with four different women and those were most likely going on for a long time each (considering he slept with Amber on more than one occasion). All of that would have been bad enough but we also discover that he cheated while Beth was pregnant and then going through postpartum depression.

Just when you think Dean can’t get any lower or have any more secrets, he does, and every week we see Beth get another reason as to why she shouldn’t fully forgive Dean. He’s most likely always going to be around because he’s the father of her children and Beth wouldn’t want them to suffer, however, it’s become more and more likely that being the father of her kids is all he’ll ever be to her. We see that when she decides to take things into her own hands and switches roles with him. This time he’s going to be the stay at home parent and she’ll come into work every day. She’s so done with all of his excuses and his way of thinking and it was such a Boss Bitch move to take the business from him and not even give him a choice. From the promo pictures of season 2 episode 6, we see that the house is in a state so clearly Dean can’t handle his new role and I for one am excited to see him struggle. Will it be because he’s genuinely awful at it or is he going to mes up deliberately in the hopes that Beth will switch roles again?

[Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland and Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | NBC]

All of the stuff with Dean aside, they do get the money together and they hand it over to Rio who ends up pulling through for them. He’s able to recover Boomer’s body and decides to hold onto it for safe keeping so that will no doubt come again later in the season. Rio has proven time and time again that he’s very resourceful but getting that body while there was a search for it was really impressive. While the mystery around Rio is part of why he’s so intriguing, we definitely need to get more of an insight into him and his business.

And that’s not the only time we get to see Rio this episode and each time we do is a little more than a treat. Whenever he and Beth are in a room together there’s endless teasing and flirting between the two of them. From the bedroom scene at the start we know she thinks about him and that, at the very least, Beth is considering the idea of sex not being a one time thing. Then there’s the first bar scene and, while there is some teasing there (“Maybe a quick bathroom break?”), it’s really hard to tell where things are between them considering that the last time they were together, Rio was smashing cars at the dealership. We soon discover that things seem pretty great between them. They’re so unsubtle to the point that Annie figures out fairly quickly that they slept together (although, let’s be real, Ruby’s reaction was by far the best).

While Annie was a little upset over who Beth was sleeping with and it led to a bit of an argument, things don’t seem to be slowing down between Beth and Rio. If their interactions in this episode are anything to go off, as well as the promo for next week, everything between them is only going to be dialled up to the max from here on out. Their scenes have always been fantastic and Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana have some seriously good chemistry but I’m more than ready for things to get even better.

[Manny Montana as Rio | NBC]

Speaking of Annie, she’s got stuff going on in her own life outside of the whole problem with Boomer’s body. The thing I had always hated the most about the whole Annie/Gregg situation is that Sadie was going to get so hurt by it. We’re yet to see her full reaction to the news that it was Annie whom Gregg was sleeping with but we already know that Sadie doesn’t think highly of her dad or the person he slept with. However, now that she knows it was Annie, maybe she won’t feel so strongly but we’ll have to wait and see. Sadie has just been through a lot in season 1 and now she has this to deal with in season 2.

We already know that Nancy is going to still be around considering she’s pregnant and has stated that she loves Sadie, and we also know that Sadie genuinely wants to be around Nancy, so now that all cards are on the table, it’ll be interesting to see how this whole family dynamic works out. I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot more heartbreak before it even begins to get better. Hopefully, Gregg and Annie stay away from each other. While I do think they were adorable together, it all happened in the worst way and I can’t see it working out in a positive way between them, instead, I would much rather see them all become a little family unit for Sadie and the unborn baby.

[Isaiah Stannard as Sadie Marks and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks | NBC]

Some other things:

  • Another scene of Sadie and Annie lying in bed together and being super adorable is something I always appreciate, even if it did lead to the reveal that Sadie knows about Gregg’s affair.
  • Mary Pat trying to survive in that motel with four kids. I do feel sorry for her, what she went through with Boomer was more than horrible, but something has to be done before she continues to give out more information.
  • Seeing Beth, Annie, and Ruby interact with Rio at the same time is always a treat and it didn’t disappoint this episode either. I wonder if we’ll ever get some decent one-on-one time with Annie and Rio as well as Ruby and Rio.
  • Beth pounding the meat when she finds out about Dean’s cheating.
  • Stan coming to bed and wanting to watch TV instead of worrying. It broke my heart the way he laid down, resting his head on Ruby’s lap. It broke even more when we saw Ruby had tears in her eyes.
  • Everything about Beth at the gas station was just beyond iconic, including her interactions with Turner.
  • Rio holding Beth’s hand for a moment before he took the bag from her! I feel even happier that it was him that reached out for her, she was simply just passing the bag over.
  • Ruby’s reaction to finding out about Beth and Rio was such a wild ride. (“How was it?” “Was it good?”) I love that we saw her in the background, her facial expressions continuously changing while Beth and Annie fought.
  • Rio being nothing but smiles as he flirts with and teases Beth at the end of the episode. It was such a playful side to him and while this show constantly throws intense moments at us, hopefully we get more of this side of Rio throughout the rest of season 2.

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