[Header: KJ Apa as Archie Andrews and Eli Goree as Mad Dog | The CW]

Last week we saw that Jellybean had become involved in G&G and this week we see the Jones family work together to get her back. Finally, the truth about Gladys is out and as suspected, FP isn’t happy about it.

They go through the ringer this episode so Gladys being the new Fizzle Rocks supplier isn’t really top of their priority list. I actually really liked seeing the family working together throughout the episode. A lot of really intense things happened and we finally got to see that Gladys does care about her family. It’s been crystal clear that she loves JB but based on her actions it was hard to tell if she really cared about Jughead and FP. I do think she would have gone to any lengths to get what she wanted, even if it meant Jug and FP got hurt but after the wake up call of JB being taken, it seemed to finally hit her that she loves her little family and doesn’t want to hurt them. Saying that, this episode sees Gladys leaving but JB staying behind. I’m sure we’ll see her again but I’m also excited to see how the Jones family does from here on out.

While they’re running around playing G&G, Betty is still investigating the Farm. We find out that Edgar and Alice are about to get married and he plans to adopt Polly’s twins. Betty manages to get somewhere with that by convincing Penelope to take the twins. They managed to get Dagwood which leaves Juniper behind. Betty does go back for her niece but is unfortunately stopped and surrounded by the Farm. Toni has in fact been turned which is really unfortunate and I was hoping that she would continue to be a spy for Betty so they could work together. That being said, Betty does find out some other information about Evelyn. It turns out she is really 26 and pretends to be a junior at different high schools to help recruit teens into the Farm. As well as that, she is also married to Edgar. We’re already pretty clear that the Farm is a cult but it’s looking more and more sinister as the episodes continue on. I’m just personally a little tired of the story line already due to the fact that it’s been a present thing all season but has only recently been show to us in any amount of detail. It feels a little too late now and although I’m sure things will pick up, no doubt the Farm will stretch into next season and it really just needs to be left behind along side the G&G stuff.

And that’s not all that’s happening with Betty. She also speaks to Hiram about getting Hal transferred to a nicer prison, however, during the transfer there is an accident and there are no survivors. Poor Betty really is going through a lot right now but with more answers coming out about the Farm, maybe she can succeed in her journey to expose them and take them down.

While Veronica does help Betty with the transfer and is the one to give the news, she is also more involved in Archie’s side of the episode. In last week’s episode we saw that Archie’s opponent Ronson was knocked out and in this episode he ended up dying. It was no surprise that the blame was put on Archie and that Elio went so far as to make him look as guilty as possible. It also really wasn’t much of a shock that Hiram and Elio are working together and that the former is still after Archie or at least trying to bring out that darker side of him. I don’t really know what to think about Archie at the moment to be honest. His story just seems a little all over the place and often a little insignificant compared to the other storylines.

This episode was also Josie’s last one and I was kind of expecting to get a little bit more considering that. It wouldn’t have been hard really although I did appreciate that we got to see her perform one last time before she went. This was also the last episode that Luke Perry filmed before he passed away. I personally haven’t read too much into what their plans are for Fred as a character and how they plan to honour Luke in the rest of the season. That being said, Fred is by far one of the best characters on the show and Luke not only seemed like a wonderful person but played the part so perfectly.

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